The bump on his head is well on its way to being a horn and he even tries to use it to gore Berenger. The reference to “Turanian barbarians” was to both the Turks and the Magyars who both “Turanian” peoples from Asia. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Maybe I should had belonged to the left for a while, maybe I should have been of the left before being-not of the right-of the non-left, an enemy of the left. But there are people—honest and intelligent—who in their turn may suffer the unexpected onset of this disease, even the dear and close ones may suffer Featured Jobs Near You. At the same time antisemitism was rampant in Romania.

Berenger claims he will defend her. The sights and sounds of the rhinos become more beautiful despite their savagery. Daisy reveals Botard’s now also a rhinoceros. He was caught in a mechanism, he accepted everything, he became a Rhinoceros. The attractive but not overly bright Daisy insists she saw the rhinoceros with her own eyes. Based on this way of thinking as taught by the logician, the character of the old man is able to conclude that his dog is in fact a cat, leading him to proclaim:

They attempt, albeit briefly, to have a normal life amongst the rhinoceroses. When Berenger informs his friend of Mr.

At the office, an argument has broken out between the sensitive and logical Dudard and the violent, temperamental Botard; Who does not believe a rhinoceros could actually appear in France despite all the rhinocerow by eyewitnesses.

University professors, students, intellectuals were turning Nazi, becoming Iron Guards one after another.

Rhinoceros, and Other Plays Summary & Study Guide

This play explores skepticism and reality. The American scholar Anne Quinney argues that the play, while obviously not based on real events, was autobiographical, and reflected Ionesco’s own youth in Romania. As the play opens, Berenger, a likeable but somewhat alcoholic everyman synopiss, meets his friend Jean for a drink.

Act I, Scene I. If you leave them alone, hrinoceros just ignore you. While Berenger is disgusted by the rhinoceroses and their brutish philosophy, Dudard is more sympathetic. He condemns morality and advocates a return to the law of nature where the strong dominate the weak. But when you’re involved yourself, when you suddenly find yourself up against brutal facts, you can’t help feeling directly concerned-the shock is too violent for you to stay detached.


The town is excited by the news, but life goes synoopsis as normal. The employees escape the office and Berenger heads over to Jean’s apartment. The character of the logician with his obsession with syllogisms and a world of pure reason divorced from emotion is rhinocedos caricature of Cioran, a man who claimed that “logic” demanded that Romania have no Jews. Get Rhinoceros, and Other Plays from Amazon.


Originally an absurdist play by Eugene Ionesco, Rhinoceros tells the syjopsis of a French town plagued by rhinoceroses. Berenger goes to work, but before long, another rhinoceros is sighted, this time outside the office. You discovered a disease of the 20th century, which could be called after my famous play, rhinoceritis.

In the increasing antisemitic atmosphere of Romania in the interwar period, being even partly ethnically Jewish was enough to put Ionesco in danger. Ionesco chose to stay in Romania to fight against the “rhinocerisation” of the intelligentsiadespite the fact that one by one his friends all become members of the Legion, ioneco refused to talk him out of cowardice until the regime of General Ion Antonescu passed a law in that forbade all Jews defined in racial terms from participating rhunoceros the arts in Romania in any way or form.

The Future is in the Eggs. On his way out, Berenger attempts to alert the other tenants of the building to the danger, but they have all, apparently, transformed as well. Many historians argued that such activities like writing for an underground newspaper, sheltering Jews and Allied servicemen, providing intelligence to the Allies or sabotaging the railroads and factories counts as resistance.

Views Read Edit View history. As a university student, Ionesco saw one of his professors, Nae Ionescuwho taught philosophy at the University of Bucharest, use his lectures to recruit his students into the Legion. All the others have conformed. Evidently, it is one of the office’s employees—whom the boss assumed was neglecting his work duties; somehow, he has become a rhinoceros.


In interwar Romania, Jews played much syno;sis same role as Greeks and Armenians did in the Ottoman Empire and the ethnic Chinese minorities do in modern Malaysia synopsls Indonesia, namely a commercially successful minority much resented for their success.

This section possibly contains original research. The Israeli historian Jean Ancel states that the Romanian intelligentsia had a “schizophrenic attitude towards the West and its values,” yet considered the West, especially France, to be their role model. Waking up, he anxiously checks himself in the mirror to make sure he has not caught the disease.

They have that mixture of candour and ferocity. Meanwhile, reports are coming in of more and more rhino sightings. Codreanu’s call for a Romania without individualism, where all Romanians would be spiritually united together as one, greatly appealed to the young people who believed that when Codreanu created his “new man” omul nouit would be the moment that a utopian society would come into existence.

Or rather I was. After a second sighting, during which an unfortunate cat is trampled to death, a heated argument develops over the particular breed of the rhino Asiatic or African and whether the second sighting was actually a second rhinoceros or just a reappearance of the original. The people there begin to discuss what has happened when another rhinoceros appears and crushes a woman’s cat.

The scenes look not just unreal, but almost deliberately surreal, as if the unexpected conjunction of German and French, French and German, was the result of a Dada prank and not the sober record of history. He scoffs at Daisy who insists she saw it herself. People allow themselves suddenly to be invaded by a new religion, a doctrine, a fanaticism….

As the scene progresses, Jean’s skin turns greener and greener, the bumps in his head grow into a horn, his voice grows hoarse and he begins to pace around his apartment like a caged beast.

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