My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time. This show is terrible but I can’t stop watching it. If handled correctly by the writers this could be a season on par with the first, and I have faith in them even though I really have no reason to. Can we just write him off or pretend he doesn’t exist anymore. Now, she can’t get together with her father.. I forgot to mention I will also watch this week’s episode to confirm my conclusions.

Daniel Grayson James Tupper I don’t trust the guy, especially if he’s got Crazy and Crazier standing on either side of him. So she gets another spin on the murder wheel? Season 4 Episode 4. He was really able to say a lot with his eyes without saying anything at all, and yet didn’t really show us anything so we have to keep guessing was that sadness there? There’s really only two options for the moment. Seeing the sneak peak for next week has me even more excited.

In the 20 years it took to finally get Black Panther made, dozens of different actors were up for the lead roles.

Revenge “Meteor” Review: Sins of the Father –

But he does seem to be an easy care baby!!! I don’t trust the guy, especially if he’s got Crazy and Crazier standing on either side of him. I understand the fulk behind bring David clark back – but i stil refuse to watch the show.

And Victoria has it for the bad guys, which is yet another proof of this. Or he’s indeed evil. Audible Download Audio Books. It should be interesting to see how her character plays out as well and I think next week’s episode explores that a bit. The return of David Clarke was the last soapy straw me. I will say this, however: More of them and less of everyone else is always better.


Emily is a pretty bad person now, yeah somtimes a bit of a sociopath and thats because of her Daddy.

But yeah, not only could he have reached out to Nolan the person who he entrusted the box and being there for Amanda when she got out of juvenile hard, 40×4 presuming he knew she was in juvie, they do keep even prisoners abreast of things like that but if I recall flashbacks correctly, she had a bit of a bender before she made the call to Takeda.

Although shocked that her father is alive and on Victoria’s side, and against Nolan’s advise, Emily refuses to identify him. Oh welcome back, it’s nice to see a Revenge review again.

Revenge 4×04 Legendado Sneak Peek #2 Meteor Season 4 Episode 4

She really makes Margeaux appear like the worthless character she is. Ben Hunter Elena Satine So, I watched last week’s episode with her. Mike Kelley created byKarin Gist. She’s not my metero. I will also watch this week’s episode to confirm my conclusions.

I’m sure we’ll see her question herself and all that good stuff, but I want to see what she plans to do about it. I know this because my wife’s friend is not an idiot–or at least she wasn’t. Susan Luke Cloie Wyatt Taylor Mixed feelings about the episode and the whole ‘David Clarke is alive’ story line but at least I’m now actually looking forward to next week’s episode, which is more than I can say about the season so far and pretty much the entire last season as well.

I heart Nolan so bad. But maybe he really doesn’t know what her game is right now and actually doesn’t want to step on her toes.


He is there in episode five. She didn’t have to reveal herself to his father just yet, and she could still stay behind the scene, get her feelings settled, etc. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your pagt or tablet! I mean okay he didnt know she will go mad and do all this metelr stuff, he maybe just wanted her to know the truth, but Im not sure about that.

I also have to applaud the actor’s excellent performance. Or B David devised that whole Conrad spiel because he was fed up with hiding but he’s still going to trust Victoria and blah blah blah. The show just episdoe the Clarke.

I mean, I could talk about metoer he’s rull self-flagellator was he punishing himself, or was he always planning on using those wounds to frame Conrad in death? Where was he all those years that Emily spent studying the art of revenge with Takeda? We SEE how it all affected Emily, and can’t help but imagine that had he just lived her life might have been more full and normal. Still reviewing, just not every week!

Nearly killed twice in last week’s episode, first by her sister and then by her own father.

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