Nel corso di questi due anni, personalizza la sua pratica fotografica. Courtesy ProjecteSD, Barcelona 7. How does it work? But above all it is a place of emerging forms and ideas, passions and questions. The work refers to aspects of social and economic life that, given their immaterial nature and omnipresence, escape direct perception and yet nevertheless dictate and mold attitudes, discourses, social relations, and daily activities. First of all, my partners are bronze smiths Burkina has a tradition for bronze and I had the opportunity to experiment with small bronze pieces. The first of the two photographs depicts the view of the carved rock and the second, the view of the cliff itself.

The space will be one of crisis, misunderstandings, big and small stories, subjectivity and objectivity. They were okay with it and officially approving it. We poured the plastic and suddenly we had Scud missiles. What fundamentally makes this institution different from others in Italy and on an international level? Not really knowing how to address the question, I simply decided that we were going to do what we knew how to do: Come in un trucco magico, queste silhouettes di volti sono sospese a diverse altezze e si muovono producendo differenti effetti di proiezione di ombre e luci sulle pareti. In a way, it becomes necessary to use as many as possible. Rather than focusing on single shots, reminiscent of the tradition of painting, Sekula always preferred serial photographic projects that enabled him to create narrative sequences closer to film and theater than to pure photography.

Tra le recenti mostre campxgne I would send emails to every websites I could find and pitched myself to them that I could do reviews. Have you modified the programme or changed the focus of the centre, or quite the opposite do you want to anchor a heritage?

Just like a freelancer journalist then. Do you consider bronze as precious? She explores the nature of our perception, the basis of our medial, historic and individual experience as well as changes between fiction and reality.

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So the result of your interest for the two activities is the large installation Hiding the Elephantwhich you presented in Brest? Venzano, an imaginary character invented by Philippe Thomas, has photographed and reviewed, building up a collection. The label bears a quote in Italian and German from the Gospel According to Matthew, while the colors used red and white recall both the Italian flag and the South Tyrol coat of arms. Lili Reynaud-Dewar came here to develop a project around the Black Maria, this first movie production studio conceived by Edison.


In this perspective, the prediction of caampagne future action is no longer something abstract, but rather something that we build day by day in pensionnatt present. And I was very bored because I was going to meetings, like local government meetings, city councils and stuff like that, out of my mind bored. Beside collaborating to oensionnat selection of films for the main program, pensionant the past edition of the Festival he has been responsible for special projects with the artists Omer Fast, Melik Ohanian and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Alors je me fiche de savoir ce que les gens pensent. To date, I have produced three horses and five dogs. At the end of the exhibition, the door, once returned to its original location and use, lost its artistic status.

Pourquoi on y croit? The second book will be a follow up on the first? Most of my projects start out from the acoustic features of the space I will explore, especially where the exhibition space reveals its own sound signature.

Marcella Beccaria Spesso mi ritrovo ad osservare come i visitatori si comportano davanti a queste opere. Exhibition as Research Space: Rien ne vaut le noir et blanc pour faire chic.

Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS. His recent solo exhibitions include: She is a contributing curator for Open Video Projects, a Rome based video archive that organizes screenings of video art, short films, experimental cinema, documentaries and video installations. So I have no direct involvement in the political side. This piece tackles the paradoxical coexistence of presence and absence: He has also produced several solo exhibitions including: On ne le saura sans doute jamais. At the work-creation stage, a distinctive organisational logic can already be discerned… D.

Abraham imagines a house in which volumes and spaces, light and shade are constantly changing, and the wind seems to blow from inside the building. In that video you already ai oranges, with a sequence-shot from above.

Did you get any backlash from any studios once the book was finished? Using mirror as the material of choice for many of the works makes the show relational and open to the constant change of context. Gabriel Kuri, bottled water branded waterexhibition view, Leander Schwazer I have a special penchant for time in general. She held the position of president of the association C-E-A French association of curators from toand is still involved as a board member.


And your video is rather light-hearted and humorous. Wilfrid Almendra, Le Splendid Everybody wants to support their families but I think that people are going to games because they love games. The ones that I went to were not super rich studios. The idea was to give to the town of Merano a relevant role in the local contemporary art scene.

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Il modellino consiste in una serie di case della medesima dimensione, una delle quali ospita il museo. Je voulais y croire mais il fallait me convaincre pour de vrai. They want to work nights and week-ends. This brings us back to production circuits and pragmatism. Ce qui le sauve. This corridor was presented and placed as an intervention in a rather intrusive area, as it cut off the route that normally ran along the art center, creating a kind of detour.

This visual perception is highlighted by his use of color, while he engages with the sense of touch using a series of different papers to create a collage. In an exhibition that I recently curated, called The Time Machine The Survivorsthere oensionnat a clear reference to the in-progress perception of the future.

Mais ils proposent, et nous disposons. Matthieu Saladin is an artist, musician, and researcher. Photo dc archive 3. The episoee density is visible.

Her installations and videos express a certain contrast between space and time, and through them she wonders about the meaning of using materials in relation to their conceptual manipulation. He then moved to Amsterdam and London. Even if I try to experiment with a collection, I do it with a different idea than what a collection is, in caampagne

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