Most of the people have been saying one thing – that even though Junhee’s love for his bestfriend is something that they cannot understand, they felt for him. The Super Busan Team. You have already reported this comment. I am half way through and have ranked this as THE nos. He immediately changes his tune and sidles up to her, saying she should tell him that to his face. Lee Il Hwa Supporting Cast. GoodDrama for your Android devices – free download. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

Changed the lyrics to English Mandarin! For me, my top moment out of all beloved moments is the way that they treated Joon-hee’s storyline. Marathoned all the episodes in three days and just finished watching the finale. And thanks for introducing me to this lovely drama. This show has entered my all time top 10, not because of the pretty or the fantastic banter, which it had tons of, but because it felt so real. And this drama will remain in the deepest of my heart forever Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity:

Why can’t all dramas be like you??? Thank you Answer Me, for all the tears, laugh, giggle and embarrasing moments. Select an option Spam or scam Contains hate speech or attacks an individual Violence, crime, or self-harm Nudity, pronography, or sexually explicit content.

What’s a girl to do after 16 episodes of awesomeness? Most of his arc is him wanting Yoon-jae but not being able to have him. The reunion scenes never came gooddrzma to me as that though. Relly a gemthis drama is really is one gem: I’m gonna miss this drama!

I love that he eats the filling and she eats the cover. OMG, this drama brings out the worst side of me, i can’t stop singing it praises once i start. It’s been a wonderful ride. Doing melodramatic stuff that makes me episodee like looking out into the ocean and then trying to drown themselves in it.


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K-drama at its best. Sure that it could have gone the extra length at the end and maybe shown the new roommate’s face gooddrmaa a kiss, but for the conservative nature of Korea and how it did tons better than the majority of television in the US, I give it props. Er, and I’m really happy people who can are revolted by queerness found it in themselves to look past it and see the masculine real normal average guy in Joon-hee.

Don’t think there was a wasted moment in it. I completely agree with you. She grabs his face and gives him a little peck on the lips.

Like Shiwon with H. The comments range from”It’s a little bit creepy,” to, “Kind of disgusting,” but it always had this attached, “- but I feel for him.

And this drama will remain in the deepest of my heart forever I do kind of feel petty for even saying these things because I loved it so much BUT it just reminds of Housman’s ‘runners whom renown outran’ lament over lost potential.

Jung Eun Goodxrama Main Cast. This show touched our hearts and made us remember our own high school. I 19997 this show. But the heart of the story is true and it made me relive my own youth. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

And, yes, I totally agreed with the narration of YJ. Some of us have been waiting eight weeks for that answer. I can accept how they took this approach for the end of chapter He tells her that this is what people in love do, and kisses her. T were the top in the 90s and 10 years later, DBSK were that group, with their own giant horde of fangirls as well.


There were so many ways they could’ve taken it but they followed that one thread to the very end. Tanaya January 16, at Do you hear me? BB September 21, at 9: Your email address will not be published.

Dino Thanks for the subs.

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Their happy ending is not in realizing their first love, but in finding someone to grow up with. Even if this drama is bad, the fact that they inputted DBSK would episose put it in a special spot in tooddrama heart.

He just wanted to spend as much time with him as he could until he knew it was time for both to move on. Thanks for the recaps too, they really helped in my appreciation of the show. And the car was expensive. Download the latest version here. Shi-won, downing a giant beer with her coworkers. I asked so many times, saying I wanted to do it. Tori HAHA only part 4 was subbed today.

Omg this so much. Yoon jae always calls shi won that right? She agrees just to get him out the door, and backs him up against the wall. Thank you 01 much for the recap!

And despite some conversations rambling on forever, the ones that mattered—the powerful emotional beats—were delightfully sparse, sometimes silent.

I just made this as my first ever favorite, because everytime I watch this, I just feel the warmth and love.

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