Johan Syamsul Yusof , newly wedded to Aishah Liyana Jasmay , is by all appearances a good person, loving to his wife, filial to his mother Fauziah Nawi , and successful in his medical career. She can also be awesomely awful, as she was in Cuti-Cuti Cinta. Although if they do make it to our screens, I’ll review ’em for sure. Wait, did I say “really liked”? It’s just that the man has a virtual monopoly over the local film industry, what with practically every other Malay movie being directed by him. Not as great as the previous day. And I’ve been thinking about local films

Gotta take what we get. Its jump-scares are effective. Dia ni fasih agama, tapi tak belajar Geografi Tingkatan 2? The basic premise of two ordinary, well-adjusted people terrorised by inexplicable events is plenty scary enough – then along comes this movie that makes those events explicable. The picture quality was lovely crisp and clear, and even when the movie wasn’t engaging me, it was always nice to look at. Janin has an ensemble cast similar to Hantu Kak Limah , but it doesn’t have a story to support them; it’s ultimately Sutera’s and Harun’s story, and all the other characters and subplots turn out to be irrelevant. Even his acting was pretty effective; his lines are as ripe as everyone else’s, but he reads them quietly and understatedly, which is exactly the right way to deliver on-the-nose dialogue. But Amy was just unlikable from start to finish; she overacts every single scene, and all her line readings grate on the ear.

And there are so many dramatic conflicts raised, but not explored or paid off; nothing is done regarding Feng Jiao’s divorce, or Uncle Lim’s disapproval of Ah Di, or even the subplot of Ah Hock and his mother. I’m still waiting for Aniu’s next. You can help by rating movies you’ve seen. Film criticism is an inherently subjective business anyhow, and the whole point of a year-end list is fdee look back on the year’s movies with a little more perspective. Does that mean was a particularly bad year for cinematic quality?

Aku Masih Dara My rating: Soalan yang tampak melambangkan tahap pemikiran dewasa. tembat

Bila Aleesya terlanjur dan kehilangan daranya, dia takut rembah mengandung, lalu cuba menggoda Firdaus untuk mengahwininya dan “menyucikan” dirinya. Tekaan saya memang tepat; ini adalah versi Syurga Cinta yang diterbalikkan jantina, dan sama jugalah tahap keburukannya. These are my thoughts.

But you’re not gonna get that same versimilitude with this one, unless someone in your family made a pact with a demon for which the price is the life of your child. Its other big action setpiece is a wagon crossing over a rope bridge, which is exactly as thrilling as it sounds.


Rembat () – IMDb

Masih tiada syurga mahupun cinta disini. I can say that I didn’t see it coming, which is a compliment to its plot and how well it doled out its other red herrings. Not much else I can say about the event. A series of inexplicable events lead Kristi and Ali to believe the house is haunted, but Dan remains skeptical; when their housekeeper Martine Vivis Cortez performs a ritual to ward off evil spirits, Dan fires her.

He thought all it needs is for Depp and Jolie to smolder, and that will make up for any lack of that pesky plot stuff.

Aku rasa sebab filem ni filem komedi, nampak pulak posternya ada macam-macam kat atas ni, ditambah pula dengan trailernya yang memaparkan beberapa babak lawak dalam filem ni, merupakan antara resipi-resipi yang bakal membuatkan sesuatu filem tu akan tak laku bagi pendapat aku. It’s the first local Chinese-language movie in a long, long time, and very likely the most successful too, garnering RM4 million at the box-office in its limited run. Too bad that this impressive animation didn’t get that much love from filmgoers both locally and overseas at the moment.

The newcomers were also fu,l, and yes, Lim Yew Beng especially so; he’s got all of Uncle Lim’s long-suffering years on his weatherbeaten face.

But you’ll not find a moodier, more disturbing and more shockingly daring horror movie this year ffee and yes, it is better than the original. Tukang Masak Amirah Azmi Kita lebih perlukan ‘Rembat’ sebenarnya!

A testament to simplicity, both in its miniscule budget as well as how its mvoie of horror gets under your skin without gore or cheap jump-scares. Filem yang menghempap andas keatas kepala anda. This spoils a lot of what made the original movie scary; Katie and Micah could be youand what happened to them could happen to you.

Biar aku asah pisau aku sekarang.

Rembat just duit movie tavern

But I can’t find it in me to give it even an extra half-star for this, because a somewhat-clever twist ending alone does not a good movie make. And why, oh why, did it have to clash with the screening for a free movie which I won tickets to thanks to Movie Addict?

And despite the fact that he’s played by Michael Cera, he’s not actually a loser with women – Ramona’s the only one who reduces him to a helpless, awkward doofus. This is what Malaysians charmingly refer to as a B-grade movie, all the way. Dialog yang sedia menerangkan segala yang berlaku dari segi jalan cerita mahupun emosi setiap watak. What drives him as a filmmaker, a storyteller and an artist? And if I were compiling a list of top 10 soundtracks ofJohn Powell’s work on this would be right at the top.


His reaction upon coming face-to-face with the spirit is to close his eyes and, I dunno, think of his mum’s gulai daging or something. But a mysterious old custodian Mariani at his hospital may also know something about the horrifying visitations. Tiga empat kali dia menjelaskan perwatakannya sebagai ibu yang terlalu melindung dan mengongkong anak; mungkinkah ini kerana setiap babak ditulis oleh penulis lain? Bila nampak teaser-nya macam ni, aku dah bayangkan visual yang sangat menarik dengan rekaan makhluk-makhluk fantasi yang juga menarik, ditambah dengan protagonis yang acah-acah langsi dan penuh misteri tapi power gila.

Aku cuma heran bagaimana filem ini menganggap gadis yang bergaul bebas lebih berdosa daripada penjenayah yang ganas seperti Zach. And both feature Zami Ismail in what may be alternate-reality versions of the same character.

Thus when the big tearjerking moments come, they don’t work as well as they should; the emotions haven’t been earned through effective storytelling. Daniel Zovatto, Stephen Lang More info: Pilihlah skrip yang benar-benar menyentuh perasaan anda, dan bikinlah ia dengan teliti dan berperasaan; baru saya akan berhenti menghentam anda, malah saya akan memberi pujian yang sewajarnya.

This is not a movie you can turn your attention away from for a couple seconds. It soon becomes clear that they are being haunted by a “pendamping”, a spirit summoned to be the family’s guardian – and which has clearly turned malevolent.

I couldn’t help noticing its other instances of dumb storytelling; for example, Anna attempts suicide by mutilating herself gruesomely, and Johan intervenes in time to send her to the hospital. Then one day Aleesya’s cousin Firdaus Ashraf Muslim comes visiting, and takes it upon himself to show these girls the error of their sinful and un-Islamic ways. Which begs me to this question; how the HELL did this wild invitation appear in my inbox while I was doing my job? Which I suppose was deserved, if only because that movie had the most technically accomplished stunts of any local film to date.

Dialog yang tersangat lurus dan jelas. Following her to Venice gets him in trouble with vicious gangster Reginald Shaw Steven Berkoffwhose money Pearce stole and who now believes Frank is Pearce.

It’s a horror movie, in which pacing is everything.

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