USS Taconic – Flag ship. Industry and the Armed Forces joined hands to put across Blue Jay on time. We always kidded the Chief Radioman because he got a “Salute. Cargo was loaded into landing craft manned by 1, seamen. Save your search and receive an email alert each time a new vehicle meets your criteria. Work crews 4, strong were ferried to shore from their quarters on five personnel carriers. And steel for the water distillation and giant fuel tanks each tons were needed.

New buildings, a radio station, and a gravel airstrip were constructed in by the Army Air Forces, operating as a part of a joint military task force. Hosted tank trucks supplied water and removed wastes until , when heated and insulated pipe lines, built above the ground, were completed. Present at this meeting were: USS Taconic – Flag ship. A year later the new base had the benefit of another work season. The construction of the Thule Air Base.

Ships had hardly anchored when the control headquarters’ ship Monrovia raced into high gear to get the convoy unloaded. Some of the ships used in Operaton Blue-J:. More than 4, passengers were airlifted to Thule duringand more than 1, passengers and abouttons of cargo arrived on surface vessels.

Blackmore” – on board? New buildings, a radio station, and a gravel airstrip were constructed in by the Army Air Forces, operating as a part of a joint military task force. Lived in Tents Memory dims a lot of facts but the one thing that stands out is the continous ice-breaking.

Our vehicles report, mechanical reports and claim management allow you to bid with peace of mind. That was our job. Rolling stock is being loaded and trucks are being sea proofed for the voyage.

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They resembled barges and had several concrete filled 20MM gun tubs and anchor chain on the deck. More than thousand were used at Blue Jay. At the first break in the weather the work crews checked out for a flight home. Eighty-nine miles of road interlaced the base and ran to off-base installations.


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The first objective was the giant airstrip with its runway, which is being prepared. They had a local entertainment radio station at the base and we had some fun doing a radio skit show there. View all of today’s sales in Germany. All eegarder vehicle needs in one place, ranging from documentation to delivery.

Defence to take equipment and personnel to Thule in – 45 to establish the Base. It was initially designed as a forward base for staging bombers and tankers of the Strategic Air Command, and this mission accounted montmartrw the urgency associated with construction efforts. Back at Norfolk supply yards were jammed by early. The fuel tanks are being constructed and the welders are working night and day on them.

The ships are churning their way through ice with icebergs and pack ice. Barracks were under construction, and as soon as they were completed the workmen moved ashore and ships departed for home. We then had to build a “Coffer Dam” and pour concrete into it as reinforcement. At this time there was only 2 months left to work. Thule became a resupply point for other arctic weather stations, and the airstrip was also utilized for polar reconnaissance flights. This time had to be made up some how.

Some of the ships used in Operaton Blue-J: Norfolk, Virginia, was designated the port for shipment of material in surface vessels, and Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts, was used as a marshalling point for airborne shipments of freight and passengers.

Embarking also were 3, men of the engineers, signal and transportation corps plus other military specialists plus the bulk of the civilian workmen. Hiring was accomplished in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


USS Taconic – Flag ship. National Transport 1Europe Transport Downloads. Shovels, bulldozers, asphalt plants, graders, and rock crushers were all loaded onto ships. The convoy halted and held fast in an ice pack. At the same time at Rosemont, Minnesota, another procurement program was underway for men.

I would appreciate any contacts and info. Inthere was little to do or see in Thule but during the season, there looulou a lot of activity there with the emergence of the air base. The Captain later said that he had expectations of wintering over in the ice which would not have been a good idea but our only chance of survival had we not got out.

Work crews 4, strong were ferried to shore from their quarters on five personnel carriers. Owner of the Thuleforum — All rights reserved. We brought wpisode convoys of ships through the icepacks.

The military value of Greenland was not generally recognized until World War II, when weather stations and airfields were constructed at various places in Greenland by agencies of the United States. Payment and Fees Pick up a Car Claims. These men, they were part of operation Blue-J: Thule was a tiny weather station. We then shortened up as much as possible. The construction of the Thule Air Base.

And they are also getting survival training. There was a 1, foot dock, constructed from barges which had been towed from the Gulf of Mexico, placed on caissons, and stabilized alongside a rock-filled causeway. It seemed we were always going south to pick up a convoy and bringing them through the montmarre ice.

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