But boredom quickly sets in for T. The kids must defend themselves in court to avoid this fate, and get help from a surprising source. Randall gets the gang to pretend to be his friends on his birthday after lying to his father about having friends. The film is divided into three different sections. The second part follows the gang being introduced to the fifth and sixth graders’ club. Children of the Cornchip: The gang tries to find out who removed all the balls from the playground. Buzz Aldrin voices himself.

Some versions of this episode specifically those in other countries replace the part where Ashley Q kicks the kickball all the way to China with a recycled shot of Vince’s kickball landing in a Dumpster to make it look like Ashley Q kicked it there. The Gang volunteers for the “Pee Wee Pals” program, which will pair them up with kindergarteners, in exchange for passes to a local amusement park. After some reluctance, the Library Kid soon goes “recess crazy” and plays completely out of control, prompting Gretchen to lead the Gang in an effort to help her before serious problems begin. However, it’s revealed that he’s a spy. Season three was notably shorter than the previous ABC seasons. Vince LaSalle voice Jason Davis

Vince feels left out of the loop when everyone on the playground begins quoting lines from the latest screwball comedy, Me No Know and sets out to see the film, despite Vince’s parents forbidding him because of how crude and immature it is.

Spinelli voice as Pamela Segall Klee Bragger A mysterious substitute by the name of Mr. The Gang is sure that they’ll survive–until Butch tells them the story of a class of kids who, after five days of being cooped up, became the “Zombie Class of ’89” which Miss Finster proudly confirms.


The other kids, moved by his bravery, join in the fight. Buzz Aldrin voices himself.

What Recess episode is it where T.J and Spinelli kiss?

The Gang volunteers for the “Pee Wee Pals” program, which will pair them up with kindergarteners, in exchange for passes to a local amusement park. Lawson dares Vince to spend the night in the Diggers’ latest hole, and the rest of the Gang tags along.

Mark Drop Based on an Idea by: The bully abandons his old friends to form a new crew of counterparts to the group: Tim Curry is the voice of Dr. Mikey is declared the first-ever poet laureate of Third Street School, and is chosen to recite an original composition at a special ceremony honoring him.

Katey Sagal as Flo Spinelli. Spinelli with her vast knowledge and various talents, a problem that persists when she joins kixs Spinellis for dinner.

Mikey is ridiculed when it’s discovered he still believes in Santa Claus. Miss Finster develops a crush on Hank the janitor and begins dating him. They do their best to hunt down the rumor’s originator, and end up getting a surprise when they discover just who started the gossip. When Miss Finster begins personal interrogations of the epidode student body, Gus finds himself fighting to keep from cracking.

Mikey wants to become a safety ranger, which causes the gang to get help from others in order to make his dream come true.

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The next day, though, all of the kids treat Mikey with deference, and the Gang soon discovers that a rumor about their friend pushing a boy into a girls’ bathroom is spreading like wildfire. To prove this, the gang picks two people who will go through with the experiment — and things get worse when the two people turn out to be T. When they finally free themselves, they discover that all of their bikes have become sentient, and flee onto a passing school bus Edit Did You Know?


The rest of the Gang, concerned with Mikey’s babyish attitude, does their best to break his addiction and remind him of what it means to be an older kid.

The Experiment

Outside of the U. The Ashleys make up a ratings system to crush the self-esteem of the kids on the playground, leading to chaos.

After playing with a paper fortune tellerGus is told the next day will be his last one. Quilty wants to research about recess. Soon, every boy on the playground wants their hair styled the same way.

Recess Season 2 Episode 25 – The Break Up – video dailymotion

Principal Prickly’s brother voiced by Martin Mull is principal of a rival elementary school. Disney brought the show back for a third season of 8 episodes which began on September 11, premiering on ABC as part of Disney’s One Saturday Morning while the fourth season premiered at the same time, but airing on UPN as part of Disney’s One Too.

Kid must choose a successor iiss he’s leaving Third Street for Portugal. Some bad kids from trick Gus into shoplifting candy from Kelso’s. The fkll ultimately leads Spinelli, T. In this deliberately monochrome send-up of film noirGretchen recounts the tale of how she fell in spinepli the “seedy underbelly” of Third Street School in a quest to recover Galileo, a personal handheld computer she received as a birthday present.

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