SK can prove that her knowledge of who he really is had nothing to do with how they met. I think he is “helping” her by showing her the own sacrifices that others have had to make in order to follow in his and YoonJoo’s footsteps. I’m not interested for a ride on a smooth highway, but one with detours and unexpected things to see gets me kind of excited. Thanks for the recap! SK got a few hints on how SJ’s life has not been a bed of roses all the time, ofcourse she may think it was part of the ruse in being Secretary kim. But is that just wishful thinking? I feel Seung Jo is too immature and naive to properly help her, but I can hope.

Tommy enters the party and sees Se Kyung sitting there and he remembers Se Kyung saying the President finding out will mean things are over. SJ loves dropping bombs on people. That last scene sickened me, with her calculated waiting game. But while I was initially annoyed with her, I ended up understanding her a little more. That is why they are standing here having this conversation right now. I would love to see Moonie and Song Jong Ki will be in a drama together. Tommy will have a hand in it so as to pair him with icy boss lady. It feels as if his bad relationship and his fight with his father did not make him mature as a person.

You seem thoroughly seasoned in love and relationships so I’m rightfully jealous about your level of discernability. Yoon Joo says confessing is to relieve one of their own guilt, but what about the person hearing it.

Remember that scene when Yoon-joo confronts him and tells him how selfish he was about their love?

She is doing what she feels is important to her– seeking financial security for her family and herself, and eventually reaching her dream of becoming a designer. She remembers his dad telling her to stick by Seung Jo her entire life and never let him know the truth so that she can unburden her soul. At least they had one date night. I agree that the confesser needs to say the words more than the chheongdamdong needs to hear them, but that to me is just an interesting psychological truth more than a reason NOT to confess.


I actually want SK to succeed. Instead of heroes and villains, we’re getting a bunch of people acting korsa their own self-interest and following the mandates of their own moral codes. There must be eppisode more substantial base for such unconditional love. Se Kyung IS a Candy.

Korean Drama Fashion –

Identity is proving to be very fluid in this drama. It feels like it’s been forever since the last episode. I love how the intimate drama of these two souls and the skewed world they inhabit is in effect lifting the curtain on the glitz and bling a little more thoughtfully and with greater deliberation than a three minute pop song has the space to do. She promises never to deceive him again, to treat him better in the future, and hopes that she can continue to love him freely without any further obstacles.

Se-kyung follows Yoon-joo to a fancy hotel, where Yoon-joo has booked an expensive room. I want both those girls to get their HEAs!! Seung Jo pulls Se Kyung in for a hug and thanks her. And for this reason, not having any abroad studying experiences, she is often rejected by job interviewers. I’m not too sure about that one, but I’m at least relieved that Se Kyung doesn’t have any sincere intention to continue the game till the end just so she can be inducted into Cheongdam-dong enclave.

First, he has to show the ability eplsode forgive mom, dad, ex, etc.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 8 Recap

He alic through her phone and finds out that she is somewhat using Cha Seung-jo. Saboriana January 7, at Madam Shin gets up and splashes water on Yoon Joo, saying that she should not have been allowed into this house with her dubious background and greedy ways. He is so earnest and wants to make it right, while she seeminly has every intention of effing with him.

It’s a deeper thing, more like something for their heart. He probably never made a customer list, and didn’t do any marketing. Just picture what the current Seung-Jo would be like the first time he has to handle a clogged sink They sit down for breakfast and she asks if he slept well. After she left, it took him three months to figure out that she was still in Paris, five months to find out where she lived, and one year to hopefully bump into her once.


Because his family was against her, Seung-jo had given up his inheritance and his family. She agonized over this and when SJ confessed his love for her and poured out more of himself to her, that was the catalyst that made her finally make up her mind. I now really like the actress playing Yoon Joo. Tommy hong — you were on the poop list before and you are even more on the poop list after the phone theft and invasion of privacy thing.

Seung-jo, still in disbelief: I understand Se Kyung’s actions and motivations, but I can’t support her or tell her that what she is doing is good. Whether it is drinking from the different bottles of potions to whether or not to listen to the caterpillars advise. For a religious wedding ceremony to take place, the marriage certificate issued by the City Hall must be handed otherwise it is illegal.

Back when Seo Yoon-joo has wounded Cha Seung-jo deeply by leaving him, he changes. In his defense, he says he only picked her up, and she drank with someone else.

Lol Thank you to the other commentators for your insightful thoughts on this and other korean dramas. I think she understands and acts her really well.

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