Easthill elder Sarken has no stomach for a fight against the Iron Circle. All times are GMT I hope you like Morilion as much as I do. Last edited by Illya; at You are on a pilgramige and are passing through the land of Harkenwold when you learn of the suffering of its people. A small team of highly capable and skilled volunteers, however, could infiltrate the castle, rescue the baron, and put an end to Nazin Redthorn. Travelers in Harkenwold are rarely more than a mile or two from the nearest steading.

The Harkenwold rebels have no chance of storming the battlements. If, after all is said and done, any blood was shed, Gramorn would likely apologize to the bystander; I’m sorry you had to see that. The old human druid Reithann see page 11 lives here in a moss-covered lodge near the menhir clearing, along with her apprentices Lorel a halOing woman and Theren a young human man. If the heroes have been reasonably successful so far, the rebels break the Iron Circle army and win the day. In short, Morilion is a most devilishly handsome man – hardly a surprise given his background She is a brisk, robust, officious haUling who recently took over the business from her ailing father. Use the “Steading” battle map.

Reavers of Harken Wold

Bran is anxious to muster the fighting folk of the Torsson clan and march to aid Dar Gremath in Albridge, but doesn’t feel he can as long as the bullywugs in the Toadwallow Caverns threaten his family’s homes and fields.

There’s a supply caravan heading out to Easthill tomorrow-you could rob it. A few of Marl’s outlying farms are still inhabited. Shrines dedicated to Pelor. The plot is straightforward, in a good way: But it does require some preparation, an added dose of roleplaying, and creating of the missing maps.

The old human druid Reithann see page 11 lives here in a moss-covered lodge near the menhir clearing, along with her apprentices Lorel a halOing woman and Theren a young human man. Barkenwold is presented in two separate magazine-type books.


We can use the Tor’s Hold lads, and those croakers are causing ’em no end of trouble.

Character Creation Party Size: Important locations in Albridge include: Harken Roller Sling brochure Documents. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Documents Reavers of Harken Wold. On the other hand, these two qualities make him all the hharkenwold fearful for those of evil alignments. Glowing green moss grows throughout the caverns, providing dim light.

Tobold’s Blog: Review: Reavers of Harkenwold

The heroes might first choose to revisit the option they didn’t take preViously, dealing with the Toadwallow ;lot or fighting Iron Circle soldiers where they find them.

Prepare to be defeated! Nazin is further strengthening his hold by negotiating with other malignant forces. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Morillion has started his plans off, and is looking for a foothold in the valley, somewhere he can set up as a base.

Review of Reavers of Harkenwold

Major differences – my group is 6 players, at least half of them heavy RPers. Taking out the supply wagon earns a minor quest reward of XP. I try to post hsrkenwold a daily basis including weekends.

Show me that you’re as tough as you say, and maybe we can find a way ,to get you inside.

Find all posts by Hence the Fortres. Find all posts by Phiktional. Then I simply tell them where they are now and why they’re there. Just be aware that with lower number of players or the players rushing directly to the end there is a good chance to wipe the party.

yarkenwold Specifically, the Giant Frogs are supposed to swallow characters up to medium size and the characters are then stunned and taking damage. I got some harkenwoold breathing down my neck here, man!


Gramorn’s life up to this point could, for the most part, be considered a normal Dragonborn life. You could probably run the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure, throwing out the parts that are completely tangential. As such, I would potentially be able to post many times per day.

Reaevrs, the Giant Frogs are a problem. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. If in a new town she may disappear for days on end to try and find what knowledge remains hidden from her. I ran it with a group of three PCs who loved combat, and it was easy to run. We need to get him angry. This vine-covered ruin was once a post for soldiers guarding the bridge. The floors are level rock covered by a few inches of sand, dry mud, or dirt from old river floods.

It continues with some possible adventure reaveers, detailed descriptions of the locations the PCs might visit in the adventure complete with names of shops in towns and so onand then descriptions of the non-player characters that the party revaers meet including their motivations and role-playing tips for the most important NPCs.

Review: Reavers of Harkenwold

I think a party that likes more plot and role-playing and opportunities for creativity could harkeneold get a lot out of this adventure. Merchant caravans use the green as a campsite if they’re too big to fit in the Mallard ‘s innyard.

Szandor Szandor 1, 6 Send a PM to Illya. The player characters should be 2nd level when they start this adventure and at least 4th level by its conclusion.

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