It helped me develop confidence to crack the group discussion and interview at IIM, Kozhikode. The focus in the last couple of weeks should be to go through the previous mocks that one has solved and go trough the questions that one has marked or see what mistakes one has done so that one does not repeat the same. Also at Quoin, we were encouraged to discuss and analyse the tests amongst ourselves so that each one of us got different approaches for particular type of questions. So many mocks should be written to be able to understand what is the best strategy for you this will come about with experimenting the way you write the mock. Its not only teaching but mentorship, a guidance which extends not only till your CAT but even further in life. The detailed analysis and solutions provided after each test were very helpful in understanding some of the tricky questions which Patrick Sir threw at us.

In its 5 years of existence Quoin has always seen an increase in its success rate. All the best in your quest to secure Rank 1 in the exam. The methods used by Patrick Sir to solve sums are simply mind-boggling and yet so simple. Chapter-wise test which were conducted after every topic were of great help to me. The test series will include;. Just meet them once to find it yourself.

This was the best decision I took. CET Classroom Course 2.

See if any of those were simple and you should have attempted it during the exam. I once had a group of 3 students from the same college and class and they used to always study together and come together with their doubts. Fast and Assured Delivery. So right now if you want to make it to JB your focus should be to target Rank 1. Sometimes you may need to do the reverse. There are some dos and donts before you write a mock. It comprises of both difficult and easy papers.

One should not write too many mocks just before the exam or there could be a problem of burnout. Sometimes it is possible that the sum is too tough and takes a lot of time to solve, in that case you can skip it unless you find a shorter way of solving it. JBIMS quoni possible only because of the positive motivation provided throughout the Quoin Academy’s classroom learning sessions. Like every year we will be conducting the acaademy series for CET with 15 mocks.


So you can identify which questions to be solved, which to be left and which you should practice more to improve your score. Their dedicated approach towards each interview call helped me to know better about each institute and process.

She believes in nurturing individual talent and working on enhancing students strengths. Detailed analysis will be provided for the tests.

The test pattern of CET test series was very good. Don’t have an account? This plan basically assumes that you have finished with your syllabus 2 months before the exam.

Similarly if you target rank 1 and work really hard cte it and even if your exam goes bad, you will atleast get the marks required to get a call from JB. So it is important that you have some study partners or some faculty who can teach you better methods of solving the sums.

No matter what your background, with sufficient practice you should be able to make it to Rank 1. But if you target just JB and seires your paper does not go as per expected you will be nowhere close to getting a call from JB.

Quoin Academy on

The mocks also gave me a lot of practise. Patrick takes up Quant, Logic and Data Interpretation. Strategy basically involves a lot of factors.

All I can say is that I feel immensely privileged to have been under the tutelage of Patrick Sir and Rochelle ma’am. Ma’am and Sir were always approachable and available to help.

Instead our own personal strengths and weaknesses were focused on and I went for the interview as my authentic self, not a fake interviewee that the college would have liked.

The quality of the students that you interact with here is really good and that adds to your learning. Yo can go thrugh this write up close to the exam and revise your learning.

One of my friends in JB asked me to join Quoin Academy The best part about Quoin academy is its comprehensive learning program – right from strengthening our basics, to prepping us with the right kind of strategies for different exams and having rigorous practice GDs and interview sessions.


The test papers at Quoin Academy helped me be prepared for all types of papers which helped esp. It was a great learning experience.

MBA CET Test Series by Quoin Academy (Patrick D’souza)

As far as my experience is concerned, I have got attention by both Sir and Ma’am personally and have been provided with valuable insights about my strategy or approach or any doubt, all the time. All the best in your quest to secure Rank 1 in the exam.

Another source of error is silly mistakes. While preparing for MBA entrance, it’s not just the Quant, Verbal and LR skills that is required; but what you need is the mental and emotional strength to sustain through the entire process.

Quoin Academy is starting tewt mock test series for CET. There will be separate one to one session with all the other students giving them individual feedback as to how to improve their scores. Also, Rochelle Madam’s constant efforts to get to know you and helping you in the areas where you might lack are second to none.

Thanks to Patrick Sir and Rochelle Ma’am who helped me achieve my dream, in every possible way. Understand this that the serirs in the marks of the student who scores Rank 1 and the last students in open category to get into JB is around 25 marks.

The exhaustive GD sessions enabled me to put my best foot forward in a group of intelligent students from diverse backgrounds. Zcademy small number of students are taken per batch so that individual guidance and mentoring can be provided. The fees for the paid Paid Shortcut Workshop is as follows: What Acaddemy liked the most about Quoin was that we weren’t given a fixed set of Qs Answers to learn for the interviews.

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