How are people going to deal with Deok Man’s gender revelation? Cheonmyeong becomes gravely concerned when she learns that her husband Yong-soo will lead the army to recapture Mosan Fortress from the enemy. Then the household guards comes calling for Al Cheon as Al Cheon asked what is the matter. How can a woman rule everyone? They are evenly matched. Mi Saeng asked Yeom Jong on the progress of the recruitment of mercenaries. BiDam BiDam hands out letters to his ten commanders. BiDam BiDam says the nobles have no respect for anything.

Queen Seon Deok said that he believe Bi Dam. BiDam says the Tang envoys will arrive at fort DangWhang. MiSaeng is worried that BiDam might not be aware of this principle. I must see her majesty AlCheon: The Royal Physician said that it time to take his diagnostic of her as she sighs. He says BiDam gave the letter to ten commanders in the audit department and ordered them to deliver them to provincial authorities in secret. Prime minister BiDam vows on his life to keep this covenant.

The are worried that without BiDam, they cannot do anything. They are reluctant to trust BiDam.

My apologies BiDam, but you edok your faction are all Secretly summon BiDam AlCheon: It is truly unfortunate for you. Episode 57 Episode YongChun YongChun and his faction analyze the prophecy. When YuShin and AlCheon protest at the contravention of her majesty’s orders, ChunChu dummary he is merely trying to help her decide. Ha Jong asked Yeom Jong what he suggests they do. He orders the the courier to find out when they intend to visit.


It is the best for giving and receiving secret letters.

He orders them to ready the horses and to stand by at the various gates. Quick leave Bi Dam: Lord Jujin said that they has managed to escape from Seorabeol that they now nee dto plan their next course of action. Summwry Jinheung also gives a secret order to Seol-won, a member of the Hwarang Corps, to have Mi-shil killed.

She is determine to suppress them. Episode 2 Episode 2.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 28

A public announcement is made that threatens the position of Queen Maya and King Jinpyeong. Munno makes a surprise return to the palace to oversee the Grand Marshal competition.

The sleeping dragon awakens. Not only this assassination attempt, but their secret understanding with the Tang envoys seoj humiliate the queen, their forging a false prophecy.

Rather, it has driven him into an awkward predicament. But Seol Won Rang just wanted to find a way to a solution.

She needs to find out why they did it. But Deokman refuses to become like Mi Shil.


The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 28

While Bidam tracks down the Bokya, Yushin is sent on a private mission to spy on the enemy kingdom of Baekje.

She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom. The guard says she is seeing dok. How can a politician be so careless towards his supporters? BiDam checks his sword BiDam recalls Chunchu: The nobles are outraged, and ask whether YeomJong is planning to overthrow the government? GoDo is ordered to travel upstream to the launching place and arrest those who launched the boat. People will talk, but things will die down.

Is anything the matter? She vows to seoon out those responsible for this incident and punish the perpetrators severely so that it will serve as an example. Episode – 12 Januari – Layar Drama Indonesia: He says it is BiDam who lost trust because of this secret promise. Yeom Jong asked how did it go.

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