Asad leaves the hospital with his mother Dilshad. Zoya falls in Asad’s arms under the shooting stars. Ayaan and his sisters welcome Imran to their Zingo Hotties Gang. He is counselled by Razia and Shireen to control his anger. But Rashid is tense as he is not able to visit Asad. He tries to find a way out, but fails and eventually goes to Zoya to ask her to remove the password.

That’s when Badi Bi comes to Rashid’s rescue to cover up his lies. Fest is full fledged going on in the college. Ayaan is saved as the return gifts arrive just when he is questioned about them by Rashid and Gaffur. Asad is asking zoya what has she done with his phone,that he cant receive any calls. Twitter Facebook Google Like this: Ayaan is stunned to see Humeira in a new look on stage.

Notify me of new comments via email. Asad then drops Nikhat and Nuzzhat home. Behind the stage,humaira is worried seeing the crowd and is waiting for ayan to show up too,who she is doing all this for.

Qubool Hai – Watch Full Episode 21 of 26th November 2012

Haseena goes to the shop herself to get the tux changed. She doesnt respond and cancels the phone.

All seem happy until Imraan’s mother opens a box of presents. People are enrolling themselves in different events. Ayaan and his sisters welcome Imran to their Satch Hotties Gang. Zoya tells Najma about her preferences. When Imraan’s family arrives, the gifts are presented to the whole family. While waiting for Zoya, some boys harass Najma.

He goes on to talk about dilshad andtheir friendship. Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan. At the police station. Zoya encourages her bai do so. Zoya sees the principal taking somebody in a burqa and is scared that if its ayan then he woule let out her secret too and goes after them to find out. But Asad sees that the phone has not been fixed when he unwraps it. But she firmly says that she cant keep it in her house anymore despite his protests. But before he can start his lecture,just then a car honks and shirin sends ayan to look out,but mamu stops him giving him the same advice and sends nuzrat instead outside who coems back saying its not rashid.


Wwatch offers Zoya help for her travelling arrangements, but Zoya refuses. Ayaan is saved as the return gifts arrive just when he is questioned about them by Rashid and Gaffur. When she still is scared,zoya asks her if she really wants to do it. Haseena demands that Rashid gift a luxury car to Imraan. He asks her to stay away from Najma.

Qubool Hai 21st November Written Update – Indian Television Box

Zoya asks Najma to help her identify a building from a half-burnt photograph. Asad thinks it’s best to delete the voicemail and prevent any more uai for Dilshad. In th police station,Asad tells the principal that Zoya is extremely sorry for her indecent behaviour and if not,she would be made to. Zoya and Asad get married but their life turns into one big roller coaster ride. That’s when Badi Bi comes to Rashid’s rescue to cover up his lies.

It upsets her immensely to see the price tag still intact on their present.

But Dilshad refuses to meet. An intimidated Zoya tries to fix his phone after he breaks it into episods in a fit of anger.

Shirin and her children are looking through jewellery for nikhat and having a casual conversation while rashid is working. Rashid reveals to Ayaan that he is as concerned about Asad’s well-being as Ayaan is and wishes to see him.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Asad Ahmed Khan Precap: Anwar and Zeenat are happy that Zoya will be staying with Anwar’s sister Dilshad and ponder how risky it 26fh to let Zoya stay here to find the truth about her past. On the same day, Rashid’s daughter Nikhat is nervous, but very much looking forward to meet her potential husband.

Qubool Hai 26th November Written Update – Indian Television Box

rpisode Humaira thinks that it was a foolish idea on her part. After helping Zoya get bail, Asad passes harsh comments about Zoya and strictly warns her to respect his household norms and his family.

She comes upto her and compliments heer on hr beauty and asks heer to ggo up. By subool to use hzi website, you agree to their use. Ayaan finds Humeira in a park, but is shocked to see her faint and calls for help. Meanwhile, Asad quarrels with Zoya after his car almost strikes her. An upset Zoya goes to a shrine to collect her thoughts, where Rashid is waiting for Dilshad, who doesn’t arrive.

Asad is very angry to hear this. Just when Asad is about to apologise to Zoya after listening to his mom’s advice, he notices something off about Najma’s hair and proceeds to check it.

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