Welcome, Login to your account. Shireen apologises to Rashid for doubting him, and he forgives her. She excitedly asks gazalla, if she doubts her or her talent. Humeira claims to know Zoya just to attract Ayaan’s attention. Asad is surprised to find Zoya sleeping next to him in his bedroom. She tells them that sanam is a mobile human bomb. Rashid, on Zoya’s advice, anonymously requests that an old song be played on the radio for Dilshad. Sign in Recover your password.

Seher turns her away from the mirror, saying that she should see only when the beautification process is over. Later that night, Zoya screams after experiencing a bad dream. All seem happy until Imraan’s mother opens a box of presents. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Click here to login. He asks her to cut all ties with Rashid’s family. While waiting for Zoya, some boys harass Najma.

Qubool Hai – Hindi Serial – Episode 546 – December 01, 2014 – Zee TV Serial – Preview

When Rashid sees Zoya crying, he offers her a handkerchief to wipe her tears. Meanwhile, Razia warns Shireen to not let Imraan’s family know about Rashid’s previous marriage and his kids.

Having flown from New York to Bhopal, a modern and family-loving Zoya is unhappy after she learns that her sister Zeenat has fixed up her wedding with a man she does not know.


Sign in Recover your password. She runs into Ayaan, who is in a burka too for the same reason. Qubool Hai – Episodes He also tries to convince Shireen that he wishes to fulfil his duty as a father towards Asad. Later that night, Zoya screams after experiencing a bad dream. Haseena reads the name of Asad Ahmed Khan on the bill and thinks about finding out who he is and how he is linked to Rashid’s kin. Asad is surprised to find Zoya sleeping next to him in his bedroom. Haseena demands that Rashid gift a luxury car to Imraan.


Ayaan attempts to avoid the responsibility of buying return gifts for Imraan’s family by calling Asad. Shireen’s doubts about Rashid’s whereabouts heighten. Tanveer says that when the medicine starts working, their plan would initiate too. He blames Zoya for instigating Najma to lie. Ayaan calls Asad to tell him to take action to stop her from learning that Asad had made those purchases.

Just when Asad is about to apologise to Zoya after listening to his mom’s advice, he notices something off about Najma’s hair and proceeds to check it. They have quboll consolatory chat with each other.

While waiting for Zoya, some boys harass Najma. 18fh intimidated Zoya tries to fix his phone after he breaks it into pieces in a fit of anger. Asad offers Zoya help for her travelling arrangements, but Zoya refuses.

Zeenat is happy to see Zoya back and asks her to get engaged to Akram, but Zoya opposes it vehemently.

Qubool Hai Episode – 18th November | Watch Drama Serial Tv Shows Online

Ayaan takes offence to this and wants to return the gifts. Asad doesn’t respond positively to Rashid’s concern as he is unhappy with Rashid’s second marriage. She asks sanam to do such a makeup, that all are stunned and her husband remembers her young days.


Asad then drops Nikhat and Nuzzhat home. Dilshad runs into Rashid at the shrine, to which she has come to pray on their 31st wedding anniversary.

Haseena rushes into Dilshad’s house asking for an unknown person and if Dilshad’s spouse would know better. Anon 19th Nov – 9: She finally finishes, turning gazalla, into a cartoon. Zoya then leaves for Najma’s college festival in a burka as she is not allowed in the college premises. Zoya offers to help Rashid in return by helping him get back with his departed love. Zoya tells Najma about her preferences.

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Qubool Hai

Over a cup of coffee, Rashid shares with Zoya his memories of Dilshad without revealing her name. That’s when Badi Bi comes to Rashid’s rescue to cover up his lies. Asad comes to pick up Dilshad from the shrine and walks past Rashid without realising.

By Rimjhim Last updated Nov 18, Razia sees Rashid trying to call Dilshad and checks his phone in his absence.

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