Click here to login. She runs into Ayaan, who is in a burka too for the same reason. Quotes Aahil Raza Ibrahim Asad asks what happened last night and that he doesnt remember anything. Extensive research was done before these episodes were written and produced, to ascertain their focus, and after they aired, to analyze the effect they had on viewers, and that was the case for “Snuffy’s Parents Get a Divorce”. Ayan comes in and asks if anyone thought what would asad be going through right now. Surbhi Jyoti to shoot a Human Bomb sequence”.

She begins to reprimand asad for being so close to zoya still being. Shireen’s doubts about Rashid’s whereabouts heighten. Retrieved 12 April Budgie and Siouxsie had long wanted to collaborate with Eto, but had never contacted him. An intimidated Zoya tries to fix his phone after he breaks it into pieces in a fit of anger. At that moment, Haseena learns about Asad’s identity. Asad comes to her and says that he wont let that happen. Surbhi Jyoti all set to present a Mujra”.

But he leaves the call unattended to fetch the list of items. Retrieved 7 April Hate mails lowered my morale”. Asad gets the news of Nikhat’s engagement from Ayaan. Views Read Edit View history. Parallel to their love story, the household of Asad’s father Rashid Ahmed Khan is shown.

She asks to answer if he truly loves her. He asks her to stay away from Najma. Retrieved 26 August Dilshad, Haya, and Sanam move to Punjab. Asad lectures Zoya on respecting the rules of the house as she arrives home late.


Zeenat is happy to see Zoya back and asks her to get engaged to Akram, but Zoya opposes it vehemently.

Share this video with your family and friends. Sashi Kapoor kills all of Shaad’s family members.

Initially, the two don’t like each other; Zoya is good-hearted yet modern and fun-loving, which irks Asad, who is traditional and ill-tempered. Programs currently broadcast by Zee TV. Retrieved 8 March During the recording, Siouxsie took notes and stockpiled ideas for the dpisode.

Qubool Hai 25th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. With Haya’s attempts to bring a smile on Rahat’s face, he realizes and is smitten by her. Times News Network 29 October But Dilshad quboil Asad to be more tolerant. Retrieved 21 January Tanveer says that she cant.

As asad is feeling very guilty. Tanveer comes and sees this. After Shaad realizes that Jannat is actually Sanam, he sacrifices his love for her. Zoya tries to make peace with Allah, promising that whatever be her fate, she will accept it. Retrieved 24 February When both arrive at Rahat’s jjne, Haya comes out junf the shower and starts signaling to Rahat that Faiz was the one who got her into the mess.


Rashid’s father-in-law Gaffur taunts Rashid on his failure to make his son Ayaan obedient. Related News Reflections He is annoyed seeing all her mess in his room.

Sanam Gets Kidnapped | Qubool Hai

They wonder about what zoya must be going through right now. Retrieved 7 February Tanveer thinks that she cant even say that nothing happened between them, and she was unconscious all the time, but if she didnt do this, she would never have gone. Ayaan scolds Humeira uune he learns that she was misleading him by saying that she ahi Zoya. And it is no mean feat for the broadcaster as they would want to give the best possible time SLOT to his show, Qubool Hai. Best Hindi Tv Series.

Retrieved 23 Jan He asks her to cut all ties with Rashid’s family. Retrieved 20 June The story is portrayed beautifully.

Although she is unable to kill the new Sanam, she manages to destroy her eternal youth as a witch. Retrieved 25 May

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