Party Venue sanam turns around surprised as dilshad, in her veil catc He takes haya by the hand and takes her outside, asking whats eh doing here with faioz in his room. Just then zoya and nazma enter wih the cake. She gets emotionally overwhelmed and hugs her, while seher is taken aback. Meanwhile, Haya tells rahat in front of faiz, that she is going to give back to rahat every ounce of pain and hurt that he caused her, and that she would repay him back with equal torment. He says that he has decided to keep a party tomorrow, and the next day after that, he would marry her, and asks for her blessings.

Razia says that her men are on her way to pick her up. Sano, where did u read that? She is teased but amidst th fun and banter,nuzrat realises that ayan has forgotten to get gifts for the guests and he scurries off. He tries to get behind the table, to help her to search, but she says that she would buy new ones instead, and takes him hastily away from there, while he is boggled, at her peculiar behaviour. In her room, dilshad crying, is noticed by asad who comes in and tries to console her, when dilshad says that its her fault but she really didnt know that rashid was going to be there. Razia recollects reading the note about waiting for Diwali gift..! Nazma asks zoya what did she have a nightmare about. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

He gets a call from razia who doesnt tell who she is, but says that his mother has gone for watching a play but he should take care that the ladies of the house are kept under control. When you share this pictures somewhere please give us the credit.


Asad makes her sit and says. Twitter Facebook Google Like this: Finally sanam wakes up and is about to pull her hand up, to grab their attention, and barely manages to get her head up enough, to see seher and ahil going away. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Sano, where did u read that? Nazma,asad and dilshad come running. Shireen goes to check!

Asad when they reach home, tells dilshad not to talk about this to nazma. Notify me of new comments via email.

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But zoya ccovers it up and makes an excuse. And to show it in front of ahil, that she cares for him and his wife, she says that she would leave no stone unturned, to find the culprit.

He asks what does she mean by that. A password will be e-mailed to you. Like 0 Dislike 0. Shireen says wanna desutvbox Someone shown standing in shadow wearing a hood looking at Razia.! Newer Post Desktvbox Post.

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The screen freezes on her face. Before zoya can even justify herself,he excuses himself saying good night. Zoya says we promised we will keep the room dirty.

Ayan shares the gift is for Razia!

She asks shirin to break her silenec. Who is gonna come? Why is it that in zee TV show marriage is not qubopl. Shirirn has a confused look on her face. Both dilshad and nazma scared hearing this. Razia recollects reading the note about waiting for Diwali gift.! Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

Shirin again innocently asks why and wouldnt that be wrong. Seher is tensed, as she keeps the plate back. Dishad repeatedly says politely that its not what it looks like, but razia doesnt listen to her clarification. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Sano 14th Nov – 8: Nazma asks zoya what did she have a nightmare about. Azoora 14th Nov – 4: Ahil wonders why is she talking to the detective instead of going to the police.


Ahil says that this is her motherly affection for him that wants to give him a luxurious wedding. Razia is shocked and asks if she said anything.

He is shocked to find faiz standing behind her. Dilshad asks him about his day,he comments that the account head of his company told him that his would be wife novembet away onlihe the day of marriage. Scene 1 Jalal comes out of room ans shouts on soldier that this is my palace and nobody can hide here, find qasim and Zeenat. All my predictions are going vein, this show has no happy ending.

He says after all that happened in past.

I live in Trini and it shows Meanwhile, ahil starts approaching towards that area, wondering why sanam is taking so long. Ahil asks her why the phone was engaged, and she says that she was calling him only.

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