Qube Cinema Network is a leading and prime provider of advertising solutions in Indian Cinema.. Developed a cost-effective yet secure non-DCI 3D Digital Cinema Server and made stereoscopic digital cinema accessible to independent and regional filmmakers. Keys are time-limited and will expire after the end of the period for which the title has been booked. Archived from the original PDF on May 13, Next month, rules come into play that allow big budget films to release only on certain days of the year. More rains likely over next two days:

Please Email the Editor. In January , Qube Cinema released software updates that added support for Dolby Atmos surround sound [13] as well as Barco Auro Await clarification However, industry players agree that it will take sometime before the picture is clear. We are also working with our OEM partners to develop a new and extremely cost-effective DCI projector, which will enable us to push for DCI conversion across India in the next few years. Two levels of resolution for both content and projectors are supported: Realization and demonstration, on October 29, , of the first digital cinema transmission by satellite in Europe [32] [33] [34] of a feature film by Bernard Pauchon [35] and Philippe Binant. He attempted at one stage to release Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull solely on film. Digital media playback of high-resolution 2K files has at least a year history.

Nothing is what it seems to be. They are also locked to the hardware server and projector that is to screen the film, so if the theatre wishes to move the title to another screen or extend the run, a projjector key must be obtained from the distributor. We have water tight legal agreements with them, and so it is to these people that producers must appeal to.

Spreading the ‘Real’ Digital Cinema Revolution

What particular strengths and strategies are you planning to bring in to place with this merger? The company currently produces around 1, screens projfctor domestic market and exports. For a logical person, it cannot be that the VPF in itself could be the driving reason for the strike, and I can think of a cinmea others, but let’s leave that for now. This began initially with live broadcasts from the New York Metropolitan Opera delivering regular live broadcasts into cinemas and has been widely imitated ever since.


The electronic transferring of digital film, from central servers to servers in cinema projection booths, is an inexpensive process of supplying copies projectkr newest releases to the vast number of cinema screens demanded by prevailing saturation-release strategies.

Theaters have been reluctant to switch without a cost-sharing arrangement with film distributors. This has now slowed down significantly. This article needs additional citations for verification. Velachery residents raise a stink about meat shop waste.

City Aero India List of digital television deployments by country. Digital distribution of movies has the potential to save money for film distributors.

Moviebuff is an exhaustive database of movie releases past and present, reviews and ratings.

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Currently, most of the equipment related to the industry are placed under 28 per cent tax bracket. The specification ensures that 2K content can play on 4K projectors and vice versa.

The initial costs for converting theaters to digital are high: Dineout GIRF is live: While much of the specification codifies work that had already been ongoing in the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers SMPTEthe specification is important in establishing a ciema owner framework for the distribution and security of first-release motion-picture content.

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Archived from the original PDF on March 26, Qube Cinema was founded in by Senthil Kumar and Jayendra Panchapakesan to develop products for digital cinema in India. Qube, through its custom servers, offered the ability to deliver a movie directly to movie theaters.

In the last ten years this initial offering of the arts has also expanded to include live and recorded music events such as Take That Live, One Direction Live, Andre Rieu, live musicals such as the recent Miss Saigon and a record-breaking Billy Elliot Live In Cinemas. This was the first mass roll-out in Europe.


Yet small time producers still behave like established ones, and try to get their movies wide releases all over the state. Unconfirmed reports suggest a long time Tamil producer, wants to start a digital distribution network of his own.

In addition to the equipment already found in a film-based movie theatre e. Some truths about the oil market Usually three or four empty supertankers sail empty to the US at any one projectlr Indian iron ore unaffected by global volatility Domestic prices fell as a result of their own supply and demand dynamics Kaveri Seed Company: On the other hand, digital projectors are around 10 times more expensive, have a much shorter life expectancy prjoector to the developing technology projfctor technology has moved from 2K to 4K so the pace of obsolescence is higher.

Even when it is closer to A front end service that uses Slydes for implementing on-screen greeting cards.

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In MarchQube introduced a 4K integrated media block IMB that is Ethernet-based, allowing exhibitors to have their storage servers within or outside of their theater. As digital qubs started getting better, more and more movies were shot digitally. Moreover, 4K post production is becoming more common Dec You can watch your favourite star in the comfort of your sitting xinema or at your own personal home theatre, thanks to latest technology.

In Britain the cost of an entry level projector including server, installation, etc.

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