But that is the price of ambition. Raja Ahmad Slamet Rahardjo Foreign expertise was brought too and the international crew included B. This was an excellent opener. Romantic adventure film set in the fifteenth century in Java, during the Golden Age of Melaka – a time of battle between the Muslim Demak empire and the Hindu Majapahit empire. For the first 30 minutes, i was hooked and impressed – the fight scenes, backdrops, beautifully handled shots, and interesting dialogue; at that point, i was convinced that this could possibly be a great movie. As a movie, however, PGL isn’t all that good.

All that said, there are some notable performances throughout the movie. Tiara Jacquelina was okay, but she was hampered by mediocre dialogue. Browse our education events. It is because of this that the Princess, though she was not interested in his proposal, did not refuse him outright. When the Sultan learns of the Princess’ prohibitive conditions, he is more determined to marry her. We needed many days for a shot that lasts only about 20 seconds on the screen. Tiara Jacquelina and Pat Ibrahim began discussing the idea of a musical version of the Princess of Gunung Ledang story during the development of the film , during which Pat began having meetings with Singaporean composer Dick Lee to discuss the idea. For the film, see Puteri Gunong Ledang film.

Upon meeting Tuah, Tun Teja fell in love with him, and in some versions Tuah reciprocated her feelings. The location was an open area measuring m by m in a oil palm estate near Batu Pahat, Johor.

Bisik pada langit How yunung they mess up such brilliant opening sequences?


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Watch films on BFI Player. Furthermore, the portrayal of the empires seem a bit weak and not as powerful as we were led to believe.

Search for ” A Legendary Love ” on Amazon. Raja Ahmad Slamet Rahardjo The tickets were declared sold-out a month prior to the performance, prompting the organisers to create an extra matinee performance on the November 25, Despite his supernatural prowess, he is defeated by Hang Tuah and his magical Taming Sari kris.

Enfiniti Productions M Sdn. Says co-producer Mini Purushot: In the late 15th century, a puetri romance blossoms between Gusti Putri, a Javanese Hindu princess and Hang Tuah, a Malay Muslim warrior from Melaka, against a backdrop of war and mysticism.

‎A Legendary Love () directed by Teong Hin Saw • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

That is shiok sendiri pleasing oneself. Use the HTML below. My biggest gripe with the movie,is the actual love story itself. So we had to add more people so that it ledwng not look cartoonish. A look at how two young lovers from totally different background cope with family and social pressure.

Nasir searches for Gusti Putri Retno Dumilah, he follows a trail of seven butterflies which are computer-generated graphics inserted seamlessly into the scene. A few songs were omitted from the album, all of them featuring the vocals of Sukania Venugopal.

For example, to do a war scene you need a minimum number of people referring to the battle between the warriors of the Demak and Majapahit Empires. But when we went to the site, it was amazing how the people were swallowed up so quickly by the space.


The musical was staged in poetic Malay and Javanese -accented Malaybut English subtitles were provided. Share this Rating Title: Ultimately, Tuah placed his loyalty to Sultan Mahmud above his personal emotions. Tiara Jacquelina Shazalli Ramly. The story then begins with the royal expedition between two great empires.

We needed many days for a shot that putrei only about 20 seconds on the screen. For the music score, the production house used live instruments. Writers Zahim and Adlin became the director and co-director respectively. In order to come up with an epic that was ambitious and looked authentic, the company set aside RM7mil for its maiden effort. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Archived from the original on Instead she set for him seven impossible tasks for him to fulfil, but Sultan Mahmud was either too proud or too blind to realize that the tasks were her way of turning him down, and when he attempted to fulfil them Malacca fell into ruin.

Retrieved 29 April Future learning and skills — giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film. For the film, see Puteri Gunong Ledang film. British certification gunyng tax relief.

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