This should save you from having to go through the whole movie with a list and a CD player, like I did! Obi-Wan somehow gets knocked out perhaps he falls somewhere so he cannot intervene. Current and recently-showing movies are in bold ; this includes re-releases and remakes of older films, including 3-D remakes. Home Alone 2 Fox. The good guys in the movie “hack into” the Matrix and manifest themselves inside the Matrix. The studio abbreviations and notes are listed at the bottom. Each body has a “cable” attaching it to a computer, and the computer sends and receives the necessary signals through this cable to make the person interact with the world inside the Matrix. Independence Day Fox.

Having had little success with droids, Palpatine decides to turn to human soldiers, since their minds are more easily controlled. There’s no particular reason the people inside the Matrix have to be of the same species as their physical bodies. What a waste of effort. The real-life events are spread out over more than 10 years and happened in a different order than they are presented in the movie. Things I noticed on the soundtrack album: Miniver William Wyler

Luke uses Jedi powers to rescue Han Solo, then returns to Yoda and learns of his family history. Then erosion wore away at the lower parts of the mountain more quickly for any of the common geologic reasons leaving just the upper parts of the mountains.

The Irish Pub Film

In episode I there seem to be far greater number of good warriors. For those interested in data for countries other than the United States, here are some links:. You may wish to check the superconductivity article on Wikipedia. Bombing of Pearl Harbor: In a real Starr, Neo would wake up and discover that he looks different.

Doubtfire Fox Chris Columbus 90 I don’t think it was cut because the change in dialogue would be noticable to many people, and the screenplay still agrees with what’s said in the film. But what interests me most is the marvelous and elaborate way in which the main character Will’s sexual orientation is left ambiguous. Method In order to generate these figures which are only estimates I had to take many factors into account.


I admire this movie for introducing millions to an idea that I have explored extensively for over 20 years: This list mainly exists for my own benefit, and since I never see movies outside the United States, I have no interest in a global list.

Most are pretty obvious. Perhaps also, he decided to drop her because she’s not staying in Boston, or maybe he always drops women this way. White Christmas Para. Castle in the Sky is a Japanese animated film from The real-life events are spread out warz more than 10 years and happened in a different order than they are presented in the movie.

Things I noticed on the soundtrack album: Independence Day Fox.

Various Movies

Sources This data was compiled from many sources, including the sgar. Mia Farrow as Sally Sally recording a commercial 1: Showbiz box office receipts adjusted for inflation The Movie Times’ version of the same list formerly here The top 25 of the same list, from Washington Post, on digitallibrary.

Will’s choice of a less threatening and less direct method indicates that Will is giving Sean a better chance at learning the truth than he gave the other shrinks. I haven’t tried to get the order right because it doesn’t matter: In the United States, exhibitors theatres report box office receipts but not the number of tickets sold.

In addition to the physical outside of the moving castle seen out the bathroom window and off the balconythe door also permits access to two abandoned residences in the kingdom that have been enchanted to appear as if occupied by his aliases Jenkins and Pendragon.


Being evil, they compete with one another for the spot at the Emperor’s pugfilm.

All-Time Top 232 Movies by U.S. Theatre Attendance

The Longest Day Fox. Jurassic Park Univ.

However, the data I have for older films is greatly deficient, and a population-adjusted list would be even less useful and more misleading than the list shown here. Paul Boschen’s Aussie box office lists. However, they are not quite listed in the order that they appear in the movie, tsar there are some omissions.

Pubfilm Movies-P1

He beseiges and takes control of many planets, but is often hindered or thwarted by the Jedi. Diane Keaton as the singer New Years’ Eve party and family at home 9 1: The fact that the two time scales are identical in speed isn’t an inconsistency as such, but it is an unlikely coincidence. They began as normal mountains, formed through plate uplift in the normal way. Anakin becomes Obi Wan’s apprentice. Inside Kino has figures for almost all of Europe and Australia.

This page was written in the “embarrassingly readable” markup language RHTFand was last updated on Feb In order to generate these figures which are only estimates I had to take many factors into account. Heaven Can Wait Para. This connection has actually been around since the original Star Wars episode IV but I haven’t gotten an authoritative answer as to whether Lucas named the planet after the location in Tunisia or whether the location in Tunisia is just a temporary settlement camp town that existed during filming.

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