You learn something new from watching dramas The Revenge of the Short Legged Episode 6 http: Hello, First time posting here. I think they’d make a good couple and also, it seems like Mu Won likes her Just like everyone, right guys? I know I am in love because I am searching for songs to make fanvids I can’t help but so happy, hehe.

They give me this sexy couple vibe eventhough Na Yun are such a fail sometimes. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I’m already doing it, what else do you want me to do? Oh I also love the squabbling scenes between the cousins. Nothing on the level of some other crazy dramas. The Revenge of the Short Legged Episode 3 http: I love his expressions lol.

Tae Yeon now knows that he is not the only Vampire.

It’s the Beginning and the And

But I hope she’s not tooo evil, no one seems too evil as of yet. Maybe MW’s parents didnt want to take her in??

Been a silent reader for a while.

Or they didnt listen to her??? This is the best comedy ofyes?

That time, I remembered that Eunsol explained to JH’s dad that there is a reason for him to act like that as his dad can’t figure out what is wrong with JH. Do you want to be so close with CHa Mu Won? Links for the Eng Subtitles srt withs2 Darksmurf Fansub.


Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Protect the Boss Episode 15 [viki]. I do feel sorry for Muwon. And also when Mu Won’s mum slapped his butt! Keeps making me wonder what’s going to be the last drop. I don’t want to know”. As far as I have seen her character, she is an upright woman who is not very evil I completely agree with u!!

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Click Here to watch video on Viki. The Revenge of the Short Legged Episode 4 http: By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, Enjoy this clever fanart! I’m just concerned about ONE thing He admitted his feeling beautifully and when he called ES “stone” in an aegyo mode Just like everyone, right guys? Links for the Eng Episodr srt ffsubs.

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Actually, I find her quite funny The Revenge of the Short Legged Episode 2 http: Protect the Boss Episode 15 with English Subtitle http: Birdie Buddy Episode 16 with English Subtitle http: Click Here to watch video on viki. I mean where else you can get this type of chaebol story. Protect the Boss Episode 18 [viki]. Yeah so I just hope this surprises me and ends well with full force. The fanart was funny.


However, I do know that he has a brother since his father told him that he is the only one left for him can’t remember in epsrama episode but I guess episode 3 when his father asked him to take over the company.

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