They’re both so in love, but while PSH is trying to hide it, KSY is plain honest and this is what makes their chemistry so great! As he gives her luck with that broach, her assistant to whom she had asked for help will take it away: You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Hye Ri visits a neighbor of Seo Dong Gun in a police station to ask about the year old case. It’s easily one of my favourite dramas of the year! I just watched this at first to entertain myself while waiting for Pt and CS I am sorry but I cant wait for episode 13’s recap before I can comment on what I have just seen a few minutes ago..

D for plenty reasons: I want season 2 of this drama She tells him that he would never have disappeared unless it was his attempt to completely forget about her, especially with such strong competition coming in the form of Yoon Se Joon. And he is not a very attentive father, it seems, but loves her and she makes him smile for the first time! It’s all over the news. I would not be surprised if Ma Sang Tae goes to jail for a few years, because it was not a premeditated murder.

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Did Prosecutor Ma say that she was going to quit?

Prosecutor Princess: Episode 12 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

D Thanks so much for your support! Plus 10 points, baby! I hope that by the time you hear this, you’re 77 years old Just like in Titanic, when you tell your prosceutor who loves you about your younger days He wonders whether she fits for the prosecutor position, but Jenny refuses to give away her opinions she promised that when he returned from America.


While this is happening, Hye Ri goes over to the Ma Residence to talk to her tooddrama privately. Jung Sun takes the silence as Hye Ri not wanting to say anything, but finally she speaks.

I always loved reading your recaps after watching the show. Lee Soo Jin Supporting Cast.

He’s been in dramas but this was a good year for him with Family’s Honor gooddeama Prosecutor Princess. They even want to look surprised and sorry! Your email address will not be published.

Ma Sang Tae takes a break to see how Ae Ja flatters her customers into buying their goods, and she catches him. Look forward to your next recapping project! But we all know that looks are deceiving โ€” come on, we had In Woo to help us with that! He came from a family of servants and wanted to break the cycle of poverty. We could discuss about lots of deep topics, with a drama that had a fashionable, childish first lead who cared about shoes!

Ok โ€” on to the main debate of the ;rincess โ€” did Ma Sang Tae really kill Yoo? Her father, the man himself, went up the stage and grabbed her hair, dragging her and shattering both her pride and self-esteem.

No, no, I’ll correct myself. And 3 yrs is NOT enough time to get over your dead wife! Shin rushed in and grabbed all the money.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I hope to see more intriguing dramas like this in the future. I would like to ask a question for those who’ve seen ep 4, prinncess it might be a spoiler so plz be carefull when reading ; Does anyone also think that Mae Rye might be the twin sister of prosecutor Yoon’s wife?


He even asks Jenny if they can do something about it, but she says its out of their hands. Well, anyone would misunderstand if a weird guy starts bringing himself closer to you with that confusing face.

Your email address will not be published. He trips and falls, but gets up again to look for Hye Ri.

I want a happy ending She was the gkoddrama who approached him by stretching out her pinky just a little bit and hoping for some sign of affection on In Woo’s side but – though tempted tiny finger movement?!

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I say that he is admitting guilt because he wants his daughter to live the good, happy life that he envisioned for her. Maybe it’s because I’m a male, but I can’t really fully understand the charm of Il-woo.

Flashback KDrama Review: Prosecutor Princess

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Ma finds out that Hye Ri is still investigating the case from 15 years ago. Ma is unwilling to unseal his lips about the case.

It was the excessive production design and styling of Hye Ri that made it look ridiculous.

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