That proved to be insufficient. What is the amount of the subsidy in each case? Regarding specific cases of defenders at risk, according to the report on human rights defenders issued by the Office of the High Commissioner in Mexico, Oaxaca is once again the Mexican state where people defending human rights are most at risk. After the Echelon case and the latest scandal over the PRISM system, the Belgacom affair is set to prove that the confidentiality of online and telephone communications in Europe is seriously at risk. Failure to enforce EU pig welfare rules. In relation to this issue, could the Commission provide the following information:. The Social Investment Package underlines the need for Member States to invest in services that enhance human capital, raise people’s capacity to participate in society and the economy and strengthen people’s capability to cope with risks. Is English soon to become the EU’s sole language?

What kind of funding is available for Danube strategy activities, accessible to non-EU countries in the Danube region? Fight against poverty not being taken seriously. Failure to enforce EU pig welfare rules. The European Union is not a party to this agreement. In that regard, research for electric hybrid powertrains for all types of vehicles including vans will be supported in the area of road transport research in Horizon Its simplicity makes it possible to make the disease less alarming, to obtain better compliance and to increase treatment options, explains the radiation oncologist responsible from the Montpellier Cancer Institute ICM. National social report on the effects of the National Reform Programme in Spain. I have been contacted by a constituent of mine regarding the lack of enforcement powers held by the European Medicines Agency EMA in relation to the labelling of medicines and medical leaflets for visually impaired people.

The Commission considers it essential to strengthen the public broadcasting in the interest of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and all ethnicities.


Non-use and reallocation of funds under Axis 7 of the Human Potential Operational Programme relating to gender equality.

The idea should be championed that social spending is an investment, not a burden. Does the Commission consider there to be a need for measures to be taken to provide protection against Lyme disease? Does the Commission intend to impose an outright ban on the use of mercury in sodium methylate production?

In areas of exclusive competence, Member States may adopt legally binding acts if authorised by the Union. The Commission is now analysing these contributions in detail and will examine the issue of targets in the context of its waste review planned for This longer-term perspective should facilitate the task of Researchers’ Night organisers in obtaining additional funding from other sources. Innovative retail strategies may contribute thereto. What is the current status of the processing of the complaint lodged by environmental organisations?


The Commission cannot give any further information on ongoing infringment procedures against Member States. EU support to educate the public about domestic fire risks. Possible funding for the Gruppo Jobel Cultural Centre. Records are being kept of the TFTA agreement negotiations, which have been embarked on by the Commission in the utmost secrecy.

Member States may at any moment decide to grant a permit or authorisations offering a right to stay for compassionate, humanitarian or other reasons.

It is significant that this Return Directive, which gave rise to so many headlines and such intense negotiations in the European Union institutions, has overlooked the need to protect the lives of these people, who, despite lacking documentation, still have their universal rights, including the right to life. What other advanced or completed projects on this subject have been granted aid by the Commission? The Commission and the Members States’ competent authorities regularly discuss strategies to communicate information to companies legally using drug precursors.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission. European structural and investment funds in the Czech Republic and Poland — strengthening of high-voltage and very-high-voltage power transmission grids.

Lyme disease — risks and state of research in the EU. On March, 8, at Possibili finanziamenti a favore del Centro Culturale Gruppo Jobel. Will cinma funding be granted to those Member States whose borders are the external borders of the Union, where the pressure from incoming refugees is greatest, as is the risk of a humanitarian crisis?

Does the Commission not believe that it must prevent the economic crisis from giving rise to protectionist choices of this kind by governments? The Commission welcomes enhanced access of consumers in Marre to renewable energy technologies, which helps them becoming active participants in the energy markets.

The Return Directive and the need to guarantee migrants’ right to life. It says that granting legal status to robots and intelligent systems is an option and nothing more. They will be accompanied with an icon, and dynamic text.

EUR-Lex – JOC___R_ – SV – EUR-Lex

As such, the Commission organised a meeting after the first round of negotiations to inform civil society and enable them to interact with the negotiators. The strongest of these measured 4. However, one in every two Belgians buys online. There are questions over their viability and over how they can be flexibly employed in conjunction with other Union instruments. What action is the Commission taking against transnational money laundering schemes currently affecting football in Europe?


In the period, the proposed regulations require from Member States a reference to the priorities for cooperation and macro-regional strategies in their Partnership Agreements and relevant programmes.

The opening of Vivid Club, Bucharest, Romania. However, the overall jump in their ratings has been triggered by the recession and the harsh measures imposed under the memoranda. Therefore it may lower Q4 GDP growth from 0.

The concert rescheduled for March The Culture contact points are gradually being replaced by the Creative Europe Desks, which will febfuarie applicants under the new Creative Europe Programme. Could a bond buyback scheme like that employed in the United States be a solution, even if it is an unconventional measure? Public officials violating human rights. Management pressure by the Delphi company in Braga on its workers. Under the Geneva Convention, hostages are februarje as protected persons, and so the forcible return of these people to Iran, where they might face persecution because of their resistance to the Iranian regime, constitutes a serious breach of international law.

The Commission is monitoring with concern the progress of the energy reform law in Spain and possible inconsistencies between this law and EU legislation on renewable energy. The Commission considers that the vote is an important signal of cineema in the legislative procedure and is committed to ensuring a swift adoption of the data protection reform before the end of this parliamentary term.

Total number cineema passengers must be higher than 0. In the aftermath of the scandals involving match-fixing in European football, the Commission proposed broadening the scope of the directive profram casinos, so as also to cover gambling on football. In the framework of regulatory convergence EU negotiators will study possible ways of developing a joint strategy for all the matters falling under the SPS field.

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