The one who came was anything but. Appearances Can Be Deceiving by katen reviews When Tsuna was out for some alone time, he did not expect to meet someone from his past. Rated M for future chapters Bleach – Rated: Momoyo, stricken with grief and depression over the event, sub-consciously creates an image of Yamato, to save herself. All generals have their quirks, but Kanda feels that something is very, very off with Allen. How will Sebastian cope now? Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Rated:

Rating may vary chapter to chapter. However after their first meeting, Kyoya is certain that they have no hidden motives. I dropped the Devastating consequences title. Alone, frightened, and cold, he must learn what it means to not depend on others to survive. Rated M for Mature themes and language throughout. Add – More Okane ga Nai. What could go wrong?

He’s given info that Fairy Tail betrayed him, and some on how to find Igneel. What if he gets hurt when the roof collapsed and sent to be in Class-A after his secret is revealed? Hellfire – Book 1: Add – More 11eyes.

Unexpected Arrivals by Female Heero Yuy reviews Some family members of a certain servant have some for a visit. Nova Rising by ScholarX reviews Thanks to another one of Kisuke Urahara’s inventions, Ichigo is thrusted into a future, where powerful girls called Pandoras fight extra-dimensional aliens called Nova.

Transported to yet another world, new friends will be made, enemies will be defeated, feelings will be discovered, and inseparable bonds will be forged. Add – More Accel World. T – English – Drama – Chapters: Main Recommendations Reviews Comments. Deal with the Devil by Netsu Miji reviews Rukia never saved Ichigo’s family, so Ichigo makes a deal with Aizen to join him as a hollow and gives his memories in exchange for the protection of his family.

Add – More Gensoumaden Saiyuuki. Bleach DxD – Life and Death by Kenjiro Akisama reviews With the odds stacked against him, Ichigo Kurosaki must once again take up his sword and this time for a different reason.


Now Ichigo must make a choice if he wants to survive. New feelings start pgince grow and so does the drama in their lives as a new epidemic has the baddies turning into real monsters.

Add – More Gilgamesh. Things become bad, Aizen wants Ichigo’s new powers for his plans. Is there some connection between the new visitors and the reappearance of the Midnight Channel?

And a family of three meeting a Villain. All generals have their quirks, but Kanda feels that something is very, very off with Allen. Read prologue for full summary. And will Kid’s lines finally connect permanently? Blades of Light by Eien M reviews Two swords that can be wielded by only people the swords choose. The Knight and The Strawberry by Bruised Memory reviews When Ichigo and his mother are attacked, something unexpected happens and he ends up lost and alone in a strange new land.

Spread your wings and take flight! Cover image credit to Rtenzo. A young man that became a death god and a Sekirei that descended from the heavens only to bring death. Can Tsukune, a human, survive for long in a house full of vampires!

How much has their guild changed while they were gone? The 2 Familiars of Zero by MrKipling22 reviews The war between magic and science has come to an end, espers won but are now being hunted down by the prinec of ttennis world out of fear, Mikoto Misaka is one of these espers, ending up as Louise’s familiar along with Saito was not something she ever thought would happen, but hey it beats being dead, or does it?

OR Danmachi for short. Awaken, Noblesse by Eyazahrid reviews Rukia never gave Ichigo her powers, he didn’t need them. Tony built the arc reactor in a cave with a box of scraps. Hollow tennie taintedkatana reviews Ichigo struggled and fought for everything. Add – More Nerima Daikon Brothers. Add – More Dance with Devils.


Prince of Tennis ep 167 English Sub – Kissanime

The True Zero by The Distorted Shadow reviews Arisato Minato sacrificed himself to prevent the fall, however he was definitely not expecting to suddenly appear in a different world to be the familiar of an over aggressive loli.

The man named Amamiya Ren by Raoul The Third reviews He was just an ordinary person, someone who worked several jobs for a living. Add – More InuYasha: Now the Soul Society and Ichigo’s friends have to find him before it’s too late. When an old Potter ritual caused their paths to cross, everything changes. Tenka Hadou no Ken. He’ll get them back fast, and in doing so, he’ll reawaken his lost powers.

Where shadows take the form of Grimm and dust is utilized to perform magic. Add – More Free! What followed would change his life forever Extenuating Circumstances by Dahlia Derbyshire reviews Beyond the Elemental Nations, there are many more worlds to explore.

Make your move, Ise. Anyways, Mimikyu is my favorite Pokemon, and I love it’s shiny form, so Add – More Hatenkou Yuugi.

Tennis no Ouji-sama – Episode –

Add – More Baccano! But Fon has a secret weapon…Rose-flavored moon cake? The user is effect body Uncle Ichigo by crazyfan17 reviews “Everyone this is my Uncle. And all of a sudden, the Wildest Wildcard has finally been drawn.

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