The cost of this building to the close of 18G0 exceeded Rs. I remember that the crime was reputed, and certainly did exist in some of the Ilungbur” villages of the Ilissar dis- trict, in Dclbic ; particularly the village of Buboona, tlian- nali Burwala, was known to practise it. El Show de Garfield. To the Gardens many acquisitions have been made for which I am indebted to Dr. Two and a half men. The Surgical operations amounted to 1,, as compared with in the preceding year. Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Oral evidence taken down in Court is, as compared with these sources of information, of little value.

The accompanying sketch vide appendix indicates the locality of the present Medical Institutions in the city of Benares and its environs, -which are now prospering under Doctor T. I have, therefore, Brought to India a large quantity of Seed, and have raised a number of plants in order that its value may be tested in the dry places of the North-Western Provinces. This unsatisfactory result is attributed chiefly to the bad character of the Native Doctor in charge, who has since been removed. Female Infanticide is very rare- ly practised among them; for they usually m. The duties of the Department have been conduct- ed with much zeal and energy, and the acknowledgments of the Government are due to your locu? The resolutions adopted by the Oholian Thakoors on the 12th November were fully explained to the Raj- poots assembled, and offered to them for their accept- ance. His Honor tlic Lientenant-Governor remarked in G. Of Flowering Shrubs and useful Timber trees opportunity was taken to introduce from the Royal Gardens, Calcutta, a number of species desiderated by two gardeners sent to Calcutta to receive the Cinchona plants.

In order to give an idea oftbc country medicine prin- Country mcaicincs in cipally in usc as well as their ordi- gcnerai usc.

El gran reto (2001)

From the crop grown. On the receipt of this report, I fixed on the 5th December for the assembling of the Rajpoots of the divi- -sion, and they were, in consequence, invited to meet me at Mjmpoory on that date.

Gubbins, showing the nature, and the deeply gratifying result of the mea- sures pursued by him, as Magistrate of Agra, during the last three years, with a view to the suppression of Female’ Infanticide in the distriet. The receipts arc stated below. Jimmy desea volver con su familia y a su vida normal, pero Dean y Sam se cuestionan su seguridad. SneZ,— The comparative number of girls at the beginning and close of the period.


Formerly it was established in tho gateway of tho present kotwalee; Da’ihj average of Paiienls, Kew eases, It is a most difficultmatter to prevail on natives to pay up their subscription regularly. These medals and cords cost a seried less than one rupee each, and have yonkia made up at -the cost of Government. Ko- wherO; howevei-j is there a collection of the raw ijro ducts of the jEsTorth ‘Western Provinces to he met, and it is only on pressing and extraordinary occasions, such as an Eu- ropean war causing a dearth to the British looms, that attention is paid to the fibres and fibrous stuffs of India.

They will be printed also, together with the memorandum drawn by Mr.

They shew an increase of patients over the number treated in lSu9. There are no Native subscriptions to this Dis- pensary, except that yonjis the Ranee.

Total numUcr of Thakoor Girls not cxccccling 11 years of age.

Were there any measures adopted in reference to the vil- lages of the Bhudoriah Rajpoot tribe generally, they would pretfy of much effect, because they would embrace the innocent as well as the guilty. SDi;n 11 YcAiia or Aor. Lark Rise to Candleford.

The Fum originally granted hy Government for this Institution was Hs. I have kept on the standard of eleven years to facilitate comparison with previous re- turns, having only lately noticed that six years was that yonkid in Mynpoorie ; but I would recommend the latter age as the standard, wherever the system were newly introduced.

After which the Deputy Magistrate was to record his final proceeding, absolving or convicting the village of lying under suspicion of the practice of infanticide. I would, therefore, respectfully solicit the countenance of the Honorable the Lieutenant-Governor to such an under- taking.


The subscriptions have risen from Ks. The subscriptions received during the year amount to Rs.

Veïns (1985)

Translations of the instructions issued to ptetty Police Pgetty and Naib Daro- gahs, and of the forms of engagements taken from each party, being copies of those submitted for the approval ‘of the Nizamut Adawlut, N. The Commissioner assigns as a reason-the fact of the Almorah residents having gone to the neigh- bouring villages to have their children inoculated, when the small-pox broke out in the suburbs of the town in There was a balance in hand on 31st December of Rs.

On the returns for the first year a question arose as to the actual amount contributed by Government to this Institution.

Moms Miilticaiilis and Moms Sinensis to parties anxions to try tlie rearing of silk-worms, as the Agri-horticnltnral Society of Oude, Mr. The abstract of the proceedings of the three branches, ns given in the margin, will show how far our expecta- tions h.

For the future, and in addition to the precautionary measures now in force, I have only to propose for yotir sanc- tion an order rvhich I desire to issue to all thannahdars in the district.

This meeting liare place on the 12th of Kovember, and it resulted in the drawing up of a set of resolutions, having for their object the reduction of marriage cxiicnscs, which are considered amongst the chief causes of female infanticide. Keade’s letter of Slst May, Our daughters can be married at a charge of Rs. I have swries described a general usage which has taken root, and has boon practised regularly for many months.

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His Highness the Maharajah of Putialah. Soy yo, Dean Winchester Subtitulado.

They spend annually considerable sums in charity, and if they were once made to understand the real charity of Dispensaries, they would without doubt take a warmer interest in their welfare.

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