The bezel diameter comes in at 39mm; the width including crown However, nature seems also to recognize that broken symmetry can be used to very good effect. Is a Frogs Butt Water Tight? At 12 o’clock is an illumiated triangle pip, which is filled with Super Luminova C3 lume. Even allowing for a bulk purchase, a considerable chunk of the Paradive asking price will be tied up with the cost of the movement. The crystal has antireflective coating on the inside to provide a glare-free view of the dial from most angles.

To those who appreciate the stripped-down utility of dive watches, or military watches in general, the CWC diver might just be the best example. I own almost every model Eddie puts out. April 1st, , However, the length of the case from lug to lug just about stays inside 50mm which means that on my skinny wrists, the watch is quite wearable. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The only place to get it is at the Timefactors site and I think there will be a long queue for this one! Homage Watches; are they worth it? This is a simple time only dive watch which might look familiar to military watch enthusiasts.

Is timefactors the only place they are available?

Ptecista are they straight up copies? Turning to the hands and dial then these are very true to the original, perhaps slightly bolder hour markers and with the classic snakehead hands — everything featuring an aged Super Luminova coating.

Head-to-Head: Precista PRS-18A vs MkII Paradive

The PRS is a hommage of the dive watch issued under the same name different company owned the brand at the time by the British Ministry of Defence. All of the Timefactors watches are priced at a wagch that appears designed to stick two fingers up at the Swiss approach to pricing.

I wear it from time to time and like it enough qualitg to have contemplated moving it on but if you sense a reticence in my heaping of praise, it is because for me it is just a tad qualoty large and somehow just a bit too perfectly executed to the point that the warmth of the original seems to have been a bit lost.


The PRSQ is a nice, low priced, military style watch.

Thoughts on Precista?

We shall see to what extent the differences in the watches sit with their market position shortly but it is probably worth suggesting at this point that the Precista may not be subject to the same level of obsessive quality control as Bill Yao is famous for in the production of his watches.

April 5th, The original is also beautiful for its simplicity — no airs or graces, nothing extraneous; designed to do a job with no standing on ceremony. Mellor remained involved as a director but took a back seat from daily operations untilwhen he finally retired.

I read a lot about them on the TZ-UK forum, but most of the folks over there are drinking the kool-aid. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The numerals are machined into a matt black insert and filled with white paint. After leaving Hamilton, Mellor was visiting Bristol in the southwest of England, when a name came to him.

It is actually really nicely made. I like it so much, that I am wuality for mine to be delivered from Time Factors. Beat error remains at 0.

A second blast from the downlighters and we can get a sense of their relative luminosities in the dark immediately following exposure:. This design feature was pragmatic rather than stylistic though, with the thicker case on the right providing an element of protection to the pushers and crown.

However, MkII is a tiny cottage industry one-man band, one that simply cannot aspire to the value-added pricing associated with the establishment Swiss manufacturers. He used to use Zeno but now all of his products come from Fricker. The bezel diameter comes in at 39mm; the width including crown Email required Address never made public. Eddie has some loyal following and his watches more often than not achieve cult status.

They are very solid but the quality of the click in both is uninspiring.

This version is the slightly better 25 jewel variant the original used a 21 jewel version though I have seen an image of one with the 25 jewel version than the original and all have been cleaned, oiled and regulated. Quality brand, nice watch, and great review and pics.


The finishing is very nice and the design is well executed. Those who do not receive an immediate notification will be activated manually within 48hrs. The hands too look like quality items — in particular I like the way the seconds quslity post is so cleanly visible above the creamy white paint of the hand centre.

Mark’s photos make the watch look very impressive.

The crown is signed with Precista’s prdcista logo. Even with the exchange rates which will affect pretty much all brandsEddie’s stuff is a great value, and for GBP 40 more, his automatic version is a steal.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Last edited by lysanderxiii; April 25th, at Precista provided watches to the British military for a few years.

Head-to-Head: Precista PRSA vs MkII Paradive | Adventures in Amateur Watch Fettling

Sorry, your blog cannot share precjsta by email. Having owned two Precistas, I have a great deal of respect for the brand. The only place to get it is at the Timefactors site and I think there will be a long queue for this one! Our faces might appear to be symmetrically arranged either precissta of the line of reflective symmetry running down our noses, but our ability to recognize each other plays upon the small side-to-side differences in the arrangement of our features.

Its business model relies on the loyalty of its fan base and so one must assume therefore that the price reflects to a large extent the labour costs involved in the design, production and, in particular, the quality control stages of its manufacture.

Please take the time to register and join in on the friendly,knowledgeable watch talk. All his subsequent watches have maintained that combination of good design, high quality construction, and excellent price.

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