Small Moon November 5, at 4: Silver Ghost November 2, at 1: I really like it when people make so good friends with others on this page. LadyLilac December 7, at 5: Keep going and grab the toolbox from the roof. Smart Raptor October 9, at 2: For the final round, if all of the other contestants are disallowed from the final round, you should wager one dollar less than the maximum wager. Risha DeGamia November 1, at 9:

Neat Hopper September 27, at Happy Lizard November 10, at 4: When you enter and after its loaded, you will see the inventor. After you are up, go to the right. Have you ever wanted to be the star of a reality TV show? Risha DeGamia October 26, at So can you please stop cussing?

Part 2 of the full walkthrough for Poptropica Game Show Island.

Cool Fly October 3, at 2: To Get the Jet to Fly In starting sequence of the island: Beat the other two players, Tyr-1 and H8r-Bot. Funny Owl Movle 31, at 8: Those are my guesses. Use the heatray goggles and click on the keypad.

Get all the cheats, secrets and tips for this latest quest in the game. These cheats are awesome!!!! Dangerous Grape October 18, at 6: I just refreshed the page! Giant Thunder October 27, at rches Now, after years of robotic dominance, Poptropica needs a savior.


Spotted Carrot November 11, at 9: Saturday Night Fever for poptropica if that was what you were asking about. I am a boy scout and I barely get time on this computer.

Hey Lazy Bones, can my friend sticky sword come? Prickly Dolphin December 4, at Run right and climb the ropes up, at that point drop off left.

Cuddly Sun Seriously, what is your problem? Prickly Dolphin December 4, at 6: And Spotted Carrot, you go to Gravatar.

Poptropica Cheats for Game Show Island – Poptrickia

She did post her code. What is a movie about disco or a weekend text to a friend when you’re sick? And I am pretty sure they already have a game show island… no thats reality TV… I have finished 9 islands… my friend at school finished all of them!

Well, for anybody who doesn’t know what Poptropica is, it’s a web-site with all different islands and Poptropica is the name of the world. What is a movie about disco or a weekend text to a friend when you’re sick? Curious Crumb October 29, at 9: Go back to the club, go inside, and use the googles to look above the bar at the upper left.


Get the Gamer Girl Outfit from the Store, costumize it, and get the hair. Risha DeGamia October 7, at omvie Feirce Moon October 30, at 2: The thing I need to know is that when is it gonna open up to members?

A movie about disco or a weekend text to a friend when you’re sick?

Goodness awesome, you cautioned the robot police. Flip the first switch at the top left and the conveyor belt is working again.

And if u hate Poptropica,y r u on this site in the 1st place? Miami – Spin For Riches The show is similar to “Wheel of Fortune” in that you try to solve the puzzle by revealing some of the letters. Videos Articles Photos Advanced Search.

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