Chespin gets fat after eating so many of Serena’s macarons. The Bonds of Mega Evolution! Her grandfather, Gurkinn, must step in to take care of matters using his own Mega Lucario. Ash arrives in the Kalos Region with Alexa. Pages using deprecated image syntax Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links. The Sweet Battle Isn’t Sweet!?

Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race! The Cave of Trials!! A Rush of Ninja Wisdom! Wigglytuff is the only one who can save the day. It originally aired in the United States as part of the Cartoon Network Saturday morning line-up. Coming Back into the Cold! Clemont was forced to leave Shinx behind after his graduation ceremony celebrations. A Rush of Ninja Wisdom!

After Ash arrives in the Mirror Dimension, he discovers that his mirror self needs help finding his Pikachu. The Mega Sirknight in the Fog!!

Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race! In Camphrier Town, Ash and his friends come across a Snorlax that won’t wake up. While walking by herself, Bonnie comes across a group of children who are protecting an injured Lapras from adults. Serena to Fokko de Pokebijon!!

After using it, she loses control of her Mega Lucario who is much too strong for Pikachu to defeat.

The Bamboozling Forest!

Awakening the Sleeping Giant! S17 Episode 15 An Appetite for Battle! Ad Into the Hall of Fame! Ash’s Pikachu battles against Diantha’s Gardevoir. Biora Bui Esu Zakuro!!


Pokémon Season 17 Episode 11 – Watch Pokemon Episodes Online –

The Japanese version features five pieces of theme music. Clemont returns to his old school.

The Cave of Mirrors! Kagami no Kuni no Satoshi to Satoshi!?

Ash and his friends accompany Korrina as they travel to Pomace Mountain. Team Rocket eavesdrops on their conversation and tries to steal the Garchomp for themselves. As Ash and his seson try to reach Pikachu, so does Team Rocket, but they cross paths with a Pangoro along the way. Archived from the original on January 19, In the next town, the guidebook reveals that it is home to Charisma Trimmers.

But as they try to drive our heroes off with their attacks, Ash makes a risky dash for Pangoro fotest manages to get the bamboo sprig into its mouth. It debuted with a special showing of its first two episodes on Pokenon 19,following the showing of Genesect and the Legend Awakened on Cartoon Network.

Pokémon XY – S17E11 – The Bamboozling Forest! – video dailymotion

Battling on Thin Ice! Fully episoe, Pangoro bursts out of its bindings and sends the villains blasting off again! Korrina seems to possess a Key Stone. Clemont’s Got a Secret! XY’ debuts in India”.

They come face to face with a Blaziken protecting the caves. Retrieved January 11, When Ash and his friends are caught in a rain storm, they find a nearby abandoned mansion to take refuge. He is now ready for Surskit’s battleground freezing strategy. They try to help him episdoe the aquarium’s collection by capturing a gold-colored Magikarp.


Pokémon: XY

If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support. Calling from Beyond the Aura! Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno want to test their skills against Ash banboozling his friends. Click Continue to visit PokemonCenter.

Sun and Moon Ultra Adventures. This prompts him to follow into a world within the reflection. Rorest and his friends make it to Ambrette Town and marvel at its aquarium. Ash and his friends decide to help Jenny catch him. A Rush of Ninja Wisdom! The Nyaonix Sibling Battle!!

The X in the Fog!! Jessie, James, episoed Meowth have grand visions of how the Boss will reward them for this impressive haul, but they quickly get into a fight about who should get the credit for the catch.

Dreaming a Performer’s Dream! The Cave of Trials!! Battles in the Sky!

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