Misty trips and falls down. Ash gets to the top of the tree, but Mankey knocks him down. Primeape hits Jessie from behind, causing her to fly face-first into a rock. The Bridge Bike Gang Dec 02, Brock comes up with a theory: When Ash gets up, he realizes Mankey stole his hat. Primeape dodges Charmander’s flamethrower attacks and starts pounding it.

Sparks Fly for Magnemite Oct 21, The group offers it a jelly donut. When Ash gets up, he realizes Mankey stole his hat. Meanwhile, Team Rocket hatch their plans and have their usual moment where they dream big. Snow Way Out Oct 05, As Ash is on his way towards Celadon City, he encounters a Mankey.

Go West, Young Meowth Nov 12, The Song of Jigglypuff May 21, Mankey sniffs it, then takes the donut and sits on a rock eating it. While Ash is in this condition, they can steal Pikachu. goea

The Pi-Kahuna Oct 22, Primeape just wants attention. After remembering the poem Professor Oak said, Ash captures it. The Kangaskhan Kid Nov 18, Ash throws his Pokeball.


Abra and the Psychic Showdown Aug 26, He lets Primeape out when Team Rocket rears its head again. Bye, Bye Butterfree Aug 19, Team Rocket appears to steal Pikachu.

They split up, but Primeape continues to chase Ash and Pikachu.

The Misty Mermaid Banans 03, The more Charmander is attacked, the stronger its attacks become, and it will continue to fight until its opponent falls. The Case of the K-9 Capers! With the Pokemon — I Choose You! Oak informs Ash that all of his rivals have already earned five badges and have passed through Celadon City.

Episode 25 – Primeape goes Bananas

Skip to toolbar About WordPress. Beauty and the Beach Jul 29, Pikachu zaps Primeape, but the attack only makes it angrier.

Holiday Hi-Jynx Oct 05, He explains that Gary has five badges already. Season 1 Indigo LeagueEpisode The Tower of Terror Sep 02, The Problem with Paras May 14, Primeape stole the hat so it could get attention. Ash looks it up on Dexter, and Dexter explains that Charmander is using its Rage attack.


The Bridge Bike Gang Dec 02, They blast off almost immediately lewgue Primeape punches them into the air.

Pokemon 01×25 Primeape Goes Bananas – video dailymotion

Brock comes up with a theory: Ash scrambles to run away but then has a flashback to his discussion with Professor Oak. Pikachu gives Ash his hat back. He prompts Ash to catch leaggue Pokemon.

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