He retaliates with one of his own and embarrasses her. He says his name is Gai, and Ash and co introduce themselves as well. All Season 7 Episodes. But instead of dodging, Exploud takes the hit head on, when Grovyle goes in for another Leaf Blade and Guy again commands Exploud to dodge. It appears to be having a fit and it shows this by smashing Ash and co’s Pokemon away. While he is able to calm Loudred down, Guy is worried because ever since it evolved from Whismur, it has become increasingly disobedient. It rests itself on a branch like a bird on a perch and looks out over the forest for Exploud. Gai then motions for his Pokemon to attack, but it just glares at the approaching Pokemon.

Next, Guy introduces himself to the gang and reveals that he is on a journey to enter the Hoenn League , and Ash says that he is on his journey for the same reason. Exploud turns and glares at him; making him think it still hates him. At this moment, Grovyle rushes towards Exploud like a rocket, but the Pokemon leaps out of the way. Meowth and James approach and James notices something literally drinking the waterfall. Ash has Treecko use bullet seed and it causes Loudred to back off. Grovyle dodges and uses Pound, only to provoke Exploud to strike back with Hyper Voice.

Exploud and Clear

Next, Team Rocket is shown near a cliff, starving and exhausted. Ash orders a leaf blade and Grovyle lunches.

The privacy and security policies differ. Grovyle hears the roar and begins to hop from tree branch to branch after it. It appears to be having a fit and it shows this by smashing Ash and co’s Pokemon away.

She manages to catch herself and looks down to see a small lake with a waterfall below. The trainer then realizes he hasn’t introduced himself yet. After taking the hit, Grovyle lands a direct hit with Bullet Seed that knocks Exploud down. It glares at Exploud as the enraged Pokemon turns to see its rival. Gai orders his Pokemon to dodge, but it just stands there and takes the attack.


Ash and co hold their ears from the massive sounds it makes. He explains that an Exploud would make a great present for the boss. After Guy scolds Exploud to listen to his commands, it walks away just as Team Rocket prepares for another ambush.

Exploud And Clear

She cowers down hopping to get some of that fresh water. Treecko sits on a high branch staring into the sky. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Your request could not be completed. The group then cheers at the idea.

Ash and co cower away as it blows another hyper voice straight into a tree. During a picnic, Ash notices Treecko isn’t very happy due to its defeat at the hands of Gulpin.

He then remarks that Pokemon seem to have such confusing personalities at times. Grovyle catches up with Exploud at a waterfall, and the two begin to battle again.

All the Pokemon are eating with the group and Ash and Max comment on how good the food is.

Both trainers seem excited by their new Pokemon. The corks turn out to be homing and they fly up into the sky and come back down toward their prey. At this, Ash looks up at Treecko. Brock mentions that they aren’t too far from Petalburg City and May asks Ash if he plans to train for the tough match her father will be.

He was so happy that day that he began to dance with his new Pokemon, but lately all that has changed. He thinks it’s ready to listen, so Ash and he decide to finish the match from before. Corphish then runs up the tree and knocks Pokeomn away, also attempting to cheer Treecko up, but it again doesn’t work.

Pok√©mon – Season 7, Episode Exploud and Clear –

Brock and Gai laughs and Gai mentions that she and her brother fight like they were in a Pokemon battle. He goes on to say that he can also use it as a means of scaring his episodee into waiting on him hand and foot.


Just as Jessie and James are about to walk away, Meowth stops them and fantasizes about how giving Exploud to Giovanni will be beneficial for them. Jessie gets angry and the team steps out to say their motto. The corks smash into him and he takes the hit for his Pokemon.

It catches up to the Pokemon, but it is just smashed away before it can attack. Meowth cuts their escape off and tries to convince them otherwise. Ash realizes it’s still out of its Pokeball, and he asks if it wants to take a rest.

Pokemon 07×26 Exploud And Clear!

He motions to Ash’s Pokemon and Ash turns to see they have all eaten themselves sick. He took a barrage of corks for his Pokemon, how brave! If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support.

Exploud still won’t listen to Guy. Suddenly, she stumbles at the edge of a cliff. Just as Guy notices Team Rocket in the bushes, James fires five heat-seeking corks at Exploud, but Guy pushes it epksode of the way just in time.

As Treecko shakes the attack off, Loudred leaps into the air and sends an earthquake straight at the poor Pokemon. Loudred soon comes upon a man with long green hair. Ash thinks its over as Treecko steps up to finish it off. With this thought in mind, James levels the Sharpedo-Cork-Shooter. Loudred weakly gets up and glares at the Pokemon. It throws a fit and manages to pop the corks right out of its head along with shattering the net.

Kanto Battle Frontier Saga! It hits Grovyle hard and runs off.

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