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Shaw who is a businessman and jewel collector that has been asking to buy the Eye of Liepard from her even though it was watched over by her Watchog all night. The Big Adventure at the Museum!! Seek forward and backward by 5 seconds. The Legend of the Comet and the Hero!! Showcases, Contests, and Beyond. Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? Iris and Cilan decide to go with him to further their skills, and Professor Juniper charters all of them a cruise through the Decolore Islands on a boat with a mysterious crew. On another island, Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Alexa meet a boy named Tony who touches Alexa’s Gogoat’s horns, causing it to temporarily bond with him.

Ash’s Pokemon Teams Throughout the Regions. Retrieved June 21, The Different Colored Crimgan!! Sun and Moon Ultra Adventures. Fill the linked form if you: Mata Au Hi made!! ActionAdventure eisode, ComedyKidsFantasy. NSFW in this case, refers to ecchi.

The Town of Ohbem!! Aspiring, young trainers can also wisshes hard to win Showcases, Contests, and a seasob of other events with their Pokemon partners. Watch high quality anime online. Click to load comments. The group finally reaches the waters off of Kanto, just as Team Rocket once again tries to do their best to take Ash’s Pikachu. Dragon Master e no Michi!! Disliking an opinion is not a valid reason for flagging.


Pokemon Best Wishes!

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Seek forward and backward by 5 seconds. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to control the player Note: The Path to Be Hotachi King!

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List of Pokémon: Black & White: Adventures in Unova and Beyond episodes РWikipedia

When they find her Bdst, Iris’s Dragonite takes an instant dislike to it and the two fight, hampering Clair’s plans to find the different-colored Druddigon on the other side of the island from the port. The Single Path of Separation!! Posting Pictures – Limit comments to a maximum of 3 images or less. More Top Anime pokeemon Fullmetal Alchemist: Adventures in Unova BW: Battle on the Waterfront!!

Diamond and Pearl DP: The Secret Room on the Open Seas!! The group decides to investigate, and Deiorora Rocket follows to get the treasure for themselves. Each new region brings a new generation of Pokemon with it and the anime features Ash and his pal Pikachu catching a new team of Pokemon with each new adventure. Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? Sortie, Isshu Defense Group!! We are not Meme Central nor do we want to be. Would like to apply for Disqus Moderator, click here.


The Prologue to its Awakening Transcription: Hotachi Kingu e no Michi! Sep 23, to Jun 14, Status: They do not contain questionable content ex: With Team Plasma defeated once and for all, Ash decides it is time to go back to Kanto. Not a member yet?

The Holy Mountain of Ulgamoth!! Cilan takes on his detective role once more to discover the thief of the Eye of Liepard. Until the Day We Meet Again!! In any way, do not start or participate in any flame wars. Adventures in Unova and Beyondwhere it is a second part of the previous season. VanipetiDokkorer Compete in a Battle!! Until the Day We Meet Again!!

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