Retrieved 4 February Ash leaves Larvitar with its mother at Ranger Mason ‘s preserve. However, the philosophical themes were criticized being difficult to pick up on due to their complex presentation, especially for a film aimed at children. Ash’s Cyndaquil is revealed to know Quick Attack and Swift. Drew and Solidad defeat their opponents and advance to the quarterfinals. Ash registers for the Hoenn League. The serial codes could be used to obtain Zeraora from December 1, to March 31,

But he knew how to walk. Now, he needed to learn to talk like a human. Ash and Gary end their rivalry and become friends again, just as they were when they were little. EP The Meteonite enters Earth’s atmosphere and breaks up with the largest fragment impacting into the landmass that would become the Unova region. Jessie’s Arbok is revealed to know Tackle. Delia and Spencer study as students of Professor Oak. This is a chronological list of significant events in the anime and the episodes which they occurred in, or, for events which happened outside the series, where they happened in relation to the episodes.

Genesect i objawiona legenda! Ash’s Swellow is revealed to know Double Team. Ash and his friends arrive at the Battle Palace. Ash’s Metapod evolves into Butterfree and learns Sleep Powder. Ash forfeits his battle against Brock, suffering his first loss. Ash’s Phanpy is revealed to know Hidden Power.



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Retrieved on May 31, BW Iris is born. Persian falls to the ground. Mewtwo watches as the Genesect Army flees. Ash and his friends arrive in Crossgate Town. Jessie’s Lickitung is revealed to know Slam.

List of American region serial code event Pokémon distributions in Generation VII

Ash and Misty crash-land on Tangelo Island. Misty’s E;isode is revealed to know Flamethrower. Ash and his friends head back to Pallet Town. Drew defeats May in the quarterfinals. Pikachu 25 Type Electric Abilities Static. Misty attempts to catch a Remoraidbut fails. Suddenly, Jessie and James show up to rescue him.

Ash’s Sceptile is revealed to know Agility. Ash attempts to release Pikachubut Pikachu returns to him. Morrison’s Beldum evolves into Metang.

In its tail, it has a giant generator that creates electricity. Casey’s Bayleef is revealed to have avemture into a Meganium. Ash meets Maya beginning Trainer. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

Ash and his friends meet Bill. Mewtwo then thanks Ash for helping find the Genesect a home and tells him it will always be grateful that they met before Mega Evolving and flying off.

Ash’s Noctowl is revealed to know Foresight. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Misty ‘s Poliwhirl is revealed to know Headbutt. The rest of Brock’s siblings are born afterwards, apparently each about a year or less apart. Ash’s Pidgeotto is revealed to know Sand-Attack. James’s Koffing is revealed to know Sludge. July 1 to October 29, Ash learns that the first Hoenn Gym is a Rock-type Gym.


Brock’s Zubat evolves into Golbat. Retrieved January 22, Do you get Zekrom and Reshiram in Pokemon Black? Pikachu tries to revive Ash with its electricity but fails.

May ‘s Egg hatches into an Eevee. Tracey encounters Jigglypuff and Team Rocket for the first time. MayMaxand Brock meet Scott for the first time.

Ash meets Harrisona Trainer from the Hoenn svec and his newest rival. Ashhis friendsand Team Rocket encounter Avrc again.

The Movie featured a similar marketing campaign. Ash catches a Taillow. October 19, until supplies ran out.

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Ash learns of the Gym in Rustboro City and decides zeorom head there. May and Max meet Lance for the first time. Ash receives the Frontierfolio.

Ash and his friends arrive at Mt. A war breaks out.

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