An extremely corny and ultra-exploited plot is one of the most disappointing things about “Pod prikritie”. What could make a little bad impression in the third season are the “hidden” advertisements. The characters became fluid with no substance. The makers of “Pod prikritie” have taken the right turn on the road of high-revenue action entertainment, but still seem to be stuck on the wannabe phase. And it was made with a low budget. The only real problem for it to become hit in other countries is that it’s in Bulgarian language.

They are not too “hidden” at all The connections between the different groups is at a very deep level. I would not be surprised if this show ends up getting remade by Hollywood one day. It’s definitely for a little bit different audience taste, but again – it’s not worse than others. You’ll have to activate … that function on your television to get it for your movies. I couldn’t wait to watch it until season 4. He is sexy, bad How can get Free English movie with English subtitles?

I have watched all four seasons, thanks my wife for a translate, and I’m impressed! In many ways it is better: If you like movies like prikfitie or “Die Hard” 4 ,you will enjoy this show.

The only real problem for it to become hit in other countries is that it’s in Bulgarian language. Where can you find English subtitles for sexfriend? The movie is a mixture of shocking thriller, psychological drama, but also it is full with comedy vibes and funny moments. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

However the plot contains a number of real events happening in the modern life that cover the pages of newspapers and magazines-gangster wars, drug market redistribution, forgery, gun shots in the city center, corruption schemes, bank robberies etc.

Finally with English subs!! Where can you get English subtitles? His task becomes more complicated when he meets the big boss’s girl Sunny. Keep on the great work! As an interesting bit of trivia, Mihail Bilalov only recently resurrected his acting career. This series is part of a trend in Bulgarian visual entertainment where local peculiarities are dressed in shiny Hollywood-style camera work, soundtrack pos and stock characters, resulting in a product that should, at least on paper, be interesting to follow.


It could also be because they have included close captioning for the hearing prikrltie. Way too much back and forth with the same old BS. Especially if compared to a Hollywood-style counterpart, the differences in the acting are just annoying.

The scenarists are definitely feeling what the audience thinks and they are taking well-balanced notes. But beware of potential disappointment with Season 3 and proceed at your own risk. Audible Download Audio Books.

He is sexy, bad Otherwise the show may not be introducing new things to the genre is that even possible nowadays? However,it’s a very easy and fun to watch action flick. Did you know that PC has been invented by Bulgarian scientist Atanasov?

The sophistication of the TV series is beyond all expectations of the average viewer. While undercover he gets a prikrihie in the mafia hierarchy and becomes part of the world – full of crime, violence and corruption.

I’m watching in the UK on Netflix but for some reason series 3 is omitted from the five produced. I was astonished by the Bulgarian TV show, pulled by terrific performances, although cheesy action sequences. And the good guys, well they just became complete idiots in this season. The acting is good, writing is terrific, action is intense. The cast of Pod prikritie – includes: Everybody has his own good and bad characteristics.

Where can you get english subtitles for pod prikritie

The only downside of the series is the persistent snglish of Bulgarian actors to over-do and over-act and over-pronounce. For starters, the acting, with perhaps one single exception, pld marvellous.

As a summary – the first season is awesome. I don’t know who to like in this season. The screenplay is extremely close to the world of modern Bulgaria- the political games, the judicial system problems, the corruption, the underground mob hiding behind the dirty world of business, the drug markets Pod Prikritie deserves so much more than this intellectual myopia.


Pod prikritie

Then again, politically radical fiction is often a tough sell in our market. There is so much to like about this show. I had never seen this Bulgarian TV series before and was unsure how it would come across with English subtitles. This is especially valid for Dzharo, the potbellied “villain” who tends to be more laughable than fearsome, or Popov, who shares the same working class anatomy but tends to be a complete misfit in the subtites picture.

It onoine seem surprising that only now Zahari Baharov won the Ascer Prize for Best Actor and two years after his nomination for Onlinr Nipple — his major role, first published in Semkovo inappearing in English translation.

In Season 3 there is more emphasis on pure action and less on character development and suspense. If this was an Suubtitles show he can be most definitely considered for Emmy nomination.

It’s definitely for a little bit different audience taste, but again – it’s not worse than others. You’ll have to activate … that function on your television to get it for your movies.

This is very important, since, even if at some point you are able to find a localized translated version, maybe you will understand the plot, but won’t be able to feel the movie and re-live some of the story.

Nothing datch to see here, while the plot is more than often inconsistent. Merge this question into. Popov, Kosuma, Kukata are also great characters in the show, very memorable. While Kukata prikrittie an outspoken member of his community in his best-known work his politics are embedded in allegory or fantasy, allowing readers to view them as loosely humanist or to overlook them entirely.

What you’re looking for is Closed Captioning. It’s corny and predictable as hell.

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