I just didn’t like the way the character was portrayed. I give Jung So-min a standing ovation and wild applause for carrying this whole show on her adorable little shoulders. Could anybody suggest me some good korean drama like PK?? Seung-jo sighs that he really wanted to take Ha-ni on a date [per their deal to go on a date if she passes] , but a promise is a promise. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! OHN is so nice What a weird drama.

I guess the message this show wanted to put forth to young girls is: In Kdrama form, this woman is funny and endearing; in real life, such a woman would drive you nuts, right?? Should I be concerned? I actually enjoyed this drama, even though it didn’t need my rapt attention. Overall this series never went past tepid for me, because the conflicts never dug deep enough to really grip me. Choi Won Hong Supporting Cast. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. What I did enjoy more than anything was their cuteness as a couple, because they brought out adorably surprising things in each other.

The fact that her only real ‘quality’ was liking Seung Jo, makes her a stalker not a heroine.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. But spisode we are in the finale, and well, loose ends get tied, double-knotted, and bow-tied for good measure.

Will we end on a kiss to end all kisses? Where can i watch episodes of special A with eng subs for free? KHJ looks more gentle suub PK, especially with his death kiss.

She was the smartest of the three and not overly annoying as the INK character. She rushes up to Seung-jo, linking her arm with his, and throws Ha-ni a neener-neener look for good measure. A big thank you to those who suggested I watch WGM. Although INK strayed the most from the original manga or so I’ve heardthey wrapped it up nicely in the end. On her way to meet him for their date on Christmas Eve, she witnesses a motorcycle accident, and gets to use her CPR skills on a non-dummy.


Medical university in south korea? It was cheesy and overall, the first episode seemed under-produced. Full Episode S 1: In the end, I do like the drama for what it is—playful and light, but then it also keeps me from loving it, because it never ventured out of that safe zone.

Thankfully, Chris is likable and genuine, too. Oh Clover,TOtally totally agree with you. BTW love Seung Jo’s hair do! This draacrazy version was pretty awesomecompared to the other version!

Playful Kiss – Naughty Kiss ep 01 Sub English – video dailymotion

Actually after watching the finale I was hoping for more episode or for season 2: I would rank them as: He shows up for one last haircut, finally breaking through to her. I really appreciated having someone dramarazy thoughts to back up my own feelings about this drama.

Here was a character set up to be the catty antagonistic female, and yet she turned out to be a second heroine for me the lead pair were their own antagonists all along! I’m afraid partial of the problem is due to Kim Hyung Joong’s acting and also the script not fleshing his part that well. But it was endearing how she handled the subsequent interactions with class and grace, despite what she was really feeling.

She’s very pretty and is a good actress. So I really liked Hae-ra in these last few episodes. He actually acts more like a genius BSJ on stage than in the drama since whenever he is on stage, he charms playdul audience with his charisma. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

AWAPISUBS: Playful Kiss English Subtitle

Tagging along on the honeymoon? Broadcast Episode Title 1. Thanks for recapping, JB and GF!


Living breathing girl, totally into you, and not in love with Baek Seung-jo! Been watching it so bad I got my umma worried.

Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

Ha-ni showed some forward movement, even in her tiny snail way, and even though the emergency rescue was so obviously shoehorned in, at least she admits to having chosen nursing for Seung-jo, and now feels a new sense of purpose in pursuing it for the right reasons. Episode 12 by LollyPip. And her warming up to Kyung-soo was nice too – it was so dramaccrazy when she visited him in the army and mesmerized all the guys! PK is definitely a lot more bearable than ISWAK, it was simple and it allowed me to understand and connect with the characters better.

But saving the woman in the street changed that indeed, that set up was totally shoehorned in and gave me hope that Ha Ni will progress and start to do things for herself now. Plus Eun-jo always had a little more EQ than Seung-jo anyway. Abuse of the TV. Could anybody suggest me some good korean drama like PK?? Truthfully, Ha-Re screen was much more refreshing. This show may not be awesome but it kills me with dozens of cuteness.

The “episodes” are all around 10 plsyful long. I finally found a place that had all the episodes and I watched the entire thing in one day!!

Playful Kiss – Naughty Kiss ep 01 Sub English

Honestly felt like slicing my throat a few times. I just hope they don’t ruin it. Half glad – b’coz it’s cute!

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