It’s the shooter that makes the difference. Some if the best players around my area use regular maple shafts that came with thier cues. You can see our Players Cues we have in stock here: You have a great shaft – , Any time you switch shafts, you need to re-learn how to aim again because the difference in deflection means you have to aim different when applying any side English to the cue ball, than you did with your old shaft. Originally Posted by hang-the Find all posts by S. Can’t decide on the perfect gift?

Size chart close size chart. Displaying 1 to 30 of 56 products. Find all posts by ScottK. This product hasn’t received any reviews yet. I am thinking the guy is already used to the shaft by now hehe Quote: Originally Posted by hang-the Find all posts by breakandrunrob.

And I have already experienced a noticeable improvement in my game.

A friend of mine recently joined my APA team and seems to caught pool fever. Players JB-6 Players cues have a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects including warpage. It’s a great cue. All cues of player come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on non-wearable parts, including warranty against warping of the upper part!

Two days ago I won my first local 9-ball tournament playing with it. On many shots I still have to mentally remind myself that I can’t use backhand english. Final are the tops cut with a pro taper and provided with high-gloss finish of French cue wax. I would be surprised if they are paying more than a few dollars per tip.

I tried one for some time and for the price it is awesome. Recently, Ryan from Muellers refinished a Predator cue for me.

Find all posts by hang-the Please allow weeks delivery time for this cue unless we have the model in stock. Next was the mezz wx For me, I could never get use to the ob, jacoby, or mezz wx because they squirted differently the my old mezz wd shaft did.


Outstanding grip and excellent feel.

Players HXTE10 pool billiard cue

Players JB-5 Midnight black jump break cue with double quick-release joints, solid black double-pressed Htxe10 linen wrap. I haven’t got the cue back yet but am excited about trying the shafts on the cue.

It’s all about becoming use to your shaft and being able to automatically find the aiming point given the force of the shot. See 1 hzte10 picture. I’ve never liked the shafts. They produce tens of thousands of cues and I’m sure they get a tremendous discount.

Originally Posted by naji. To play Pool, is to suffer. Contact Us – AzBilliards. They all play well. The LD-tops of player drastically reduce the deviation in the Swerve game thanks to a high-tech ferrule with extra-light polymer core. Last edited by pogmothoin; at Originally Posted by scassidy Find all posts by breakandrunrob.

Altoona, PA And of course, including the player-guarantee, even against the warping of the upper part. The pure X shaft played the closest deflection wise to what I was used to with my old mezz wd shaft, and I could play the best with it because of that.

Players Pool Cues HXTE10

Some exclusions apply – see our policy for full details. Seems to me that cue is an excellent choice for him. I have just about all of them in stock also, and with choice of other So here’s the point of my question. I think the middle ground of the pure X htx shaft is perfect, cause you get the best if both worlds. Any time you switch shafts, you need to re-learn how to aim again because the difference in deflection means you have to aim different when applying any side English to the cue ball, than you did with your old shaft.


The more I practice, the luckier I get. The HXT is a very good shaft for the money. I had bought the cue without a shaft. Provided with a grip strip of double-pressed Irish linen in black and the new HXT-low Deflection shaft. Sure, if I would have just picked one if the other shafts and kept playing with it religiously for a year then I would have learned how to play with it, but didn’t want to keep losing games in the mean time during leagues trying to figure out the new deflection.

Kamui Black Layered Tip Ferrule: The shooter must do this with ANY shaft he uses. A technolog months ago I bought my son a low end McDermott cue He’s in the military and living in the barracks so no expensive stuff right now that came with a warped butt or bad pin so I’m a little leery on seriee the low end McDermotts. The difference between the ob and the jacoby was very minimal.

The one I ended up going with was the pure-x htx shaft. Find all posts by bdorman. The ferrule is so pol constructed, that you get a lifetime warranty against cracks or chips. Obviously the decision will be his. Find what you want! Search our over 10, unique items.

I do have a and a Z so I do have an idea on how they play.

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