Too much filler, not enough book. The Amish community live their lives in accordance with the rules of their church.. If Sarah Fisher had washed his things, it had probably been done with the other laundry. I finished this book because I wanted to know how it ended, but getting to the end was pretty difficult. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Like the rest of the barn, it was neat as a pin. View all 6 comments.

She was supposed to be a smart, high-powered attorney, yet the obvious always seemed to phase her. Samuel closed the pasture gate after letting out the heifers and walked toward the main house. One hundred miles away, Philadelphia defense attorney Ellie Hathaway has achieved an enviable, high-profile career. What kind of a man is Aaron Fisher? Jun 29, Melissa rated it did not like it. Sarah is the character with the most potential for development. Ignoring the pain that rippled and receded, she tiptoed barefoot into the night.

Finally, it is disclosed that Katie and Adam spent a single night together, during which she conceived their child.

Who is the most unyielding? Katie’s mother, Sarah Fisher, gives Ellie the scissors which have been used to cut the umbilical cord, revealing that she knew Katie was pregnant and had gone to her the night she gave birth, though Katie didn’t know it. On Disc at Amazon.

He felt her soften against him, and for a moment Samuel was triumphant– after so many days of being rebuffed, to finally come back to this. I suppose he was intended as a diversion – someone else who could have hidden the baby since he lived attached to the barn – but he lives synopeis the plainn and is never mentioned again, which is a close inspection of life within the microcosm of a particular family.

I was bored and did not have the Jodi Picoult, I’m over you. Part One, Chapter 6. From the simple and adoring farmboy-suitor, Samuel, who is the Plain match for Katie our accused all the way tryth the stoic and suffering father who is racked with guilt at how his family’s lives have turned out, the Amish characters are engrossing. The girl was lovely, in that sturdy Germanic style that always made Lizzie think of fresh synopdis and summertime.


Retrieved from ” https: Which Amish character in this book forgives the most? Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I had regret for that baby boy the entire story in a way that his mother never did. There are two tracks to this story.

The author writes on one page Ellie’s brother had “no idea” of the relationship with Katie and was shocked at the suggestion – turn the chapter and suddenly he syhopsis a huge stack of letters that he never delivered. To the Amish, there’s no room for deviation from the norm.

Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult

Katie both loves children, and denies her pregnancy. Stop hiding behind the dictionary, speak your soul and readers will come. Lizzie calculated quickly in her mind. This article is about novel by Jodi Picoult. The characters were realistic, well-developed and likeable, and even though they were from a vastly different culture I still found them relatable.

Lizzie rolled her eyes. On the first day of Katie’s trial, Ellie finds out she is pregnant with Coop’s baby. Katie has been raised to always tell the truth and by hiding behind insanity, Katie feels she would be lying. I thought it was very telling that even with the Amish beliefs against seeking justice or revenge, the mother of an infant did not want Katie near her baby.

Through Coop’s sessions with Katie he is able to help Katie admit that she did have a baby, but he cannot get Katie to admit to harming the child.


After her best friend dies, synopxis teen discovers that the girl’s mother deliberately made her sick. There is an Amish community close to where I live in western Pennsylvania. Is Katie Fitch really guilty of murdering her newborn child?

It’s so that the person can make amends and move on. Views Read Edit View history.

When feisty defence attorney Ellie finds herself representing eighteen year old Katie against a murder one charge for the suspicious death of her newborn, she is challenged physically and psychologically more than she ever imagined. Pivoult is taking a much needed break from her career after concluding a stressful criminal trial and ending her eight year relationship that failed to yield the c 4. I felt that the ‘ghost’ references surrounding Hannah we I was slightly disappointed with this book.

I was discussing this with Mike [husband] by the pool yesterday. I felt a connection to and liking for each of them. In this book, I took a different approach. Well researched, this novel takes you into an Amish community where you experience life and their beliefs.

Plain Truth Summary & Study Guide

Ignoring the pain that rippled and receded, she tiptoed barefoot into the night. Plain Truth New From: As you were reading, what were your reactions to his choices? Discomfort strikes an Amish farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania when a dead baby is found. Use the HTML below.

Plain Truth Book Review | Jodie Picoult | Readers Lane

This is a Picoult book I would recommend to others to start with. Does anybody know if the two stories connect? I really, really hated it.

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