Bhavri blesses her and asks to do graha pravesh. Vikas with men says they all will come. Sher says god gave her eyebrows and she should keep her eyes shut. She walks on road and slips on stone. Bhavri says when they have come in, let them entertain us. Bhavri says let us take her to hospital. She troubled her a lot and is very guilty, god gave her daughter as her bahu and she tortured her instead. Vikas tells on goad bharai ritual, he will wear plain sherwani.

A lady asks guard why is he stopping this old ill woman. Sher and everyone surprisingly look at old lady. She walks out while everyone starts dancing again. They all four start playing loud music. Shraddha says Vikas is right. A password will be e-mailed to you. Guard stops her and she she cannot enter.

Whole family sits for dinner.

Bhavri permits them to play music. Bhavri says she became great by forgiving her and says episoxe her duty is finished, Shraddha should take care of this house and Sher. Chanda says she has black tongue and her words come true, she blesses Shraddha to live till god wishes.

Most of de characters including shraddha vil die. Chanda goes near Sher and says if he decejber not identify who she is. Mama gets emotional and says these are happy tears. Chanda disguised as old woman stands in between road.


Vikas beats Sumer in anger and even Sher and they all 3 laugh.

Page 1 of 1. Bhavri smiles looking at Shraddha.

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She tries to feed Shraddha, but Sher stops her and says Shraddha has specific time to eat. He asks not to stare mirror more, it will shatter in shyness. Sher jokes not to get lured by beauty, else he will lose his hair.

I think shraddha and sher will die … and they will take leap. Sher says he will stand outside itself. Sunehri says she saw he going into kitchen. They both hug each other piiya.

Family then plays antakshari and enjoys. The entire show was based on conspiracy so disappointing. Shraddha identifies Sher and smiles.

Piya Rangrezz Episode – 14th December – Drama Serial Episode

Bhavri asks when she is giving her good news and says she is already daadi and wants to become bua daadi. Bhavri thinks she will not let Chanda come decembwr between her lalla and bahu and Chanda will have to face her first. Sher asks Sunehri where did amma go.


Welcome, Login to your account. Sher says with her permission, even he will wear their marriage sherwani. She smiles, blesses them and leaves locking door.

He then drags Shraddha, Bhavri and others also and they all enjoy their dance. Sher starts dancing with mama, Vikas, and Sumer on sar ghume chakkar gaye, panghat pe naache, nache re nache madhubala…. Bhavri says let us take her to hospital.

Piya Rangrezz 15th May 2015 Full HD Episode Update-Shraddha Ki Saas Ne Sunaaye Taane

Sumer says he does not to play drum. Bhavri asks who are they and why are they entering in ladies party. She gets up and walks again. Mama gives her money and asks her to go now. There was no romanceNo happiness Just sorrow and negitivity.

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