The Amsterdam scenes included shooting inside the Schiphol International Airport. Banjo Romero Robina’s Abductor. Millenium Cinema Unit 2 Jojo Mariano Carnap Gang Leader Daisy Reyes Ronnie Francisco Politician in Restaurant. Gamaliel Viray Mendez as Gammy Viray. Limchauco successfully helps Alcaraz avoid Cristobal and the Dutch police , but upon revealing herself as a daughter of the judge, wants to kill him instead to avenge her father’s death.

Rey Comia Vitero Gang Member. Melody Panganiban Cousin of Robina. Jeffrey Lumcuando Robina’s Abductor. Bong Gatus Bomb Expert. The discovery of his whereabouts triggers his wife’s stroke as Cristobal and Limchauco separately fly to the Netherlands to find him. Approximately 10, hours – one year, one month, and one week – after leaving the Philippines, Alcaraz flies back by private plane and reunites with his family.

Memorial Award for Excellence. Mendez’s Man Bobby Henson It received an average rating of 7.

Ping Lacson: Super Cop () – IMDb

Millenium Cinema Unit 2 Franklin Sabile Rudy Fernandez Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson. July Hidalgo Kuratong Member. Bobby Henson Mendez’s Man.

Velayo’s Man Alvin Anson Cebu Criminal Rommel Montano Jun Lincuan Field Reporter. Dada Quirino Lito ‘Shalala’ Reyes Levi Ignacio Ping’s Man. Rey Fabian Velayo’s Man. Ping’s Man Joey Padilla Millenium Cinema Unit 2 Jojo Mariano Maridol Ranoa-Bismark of Yahoo!


Ping Lacson: Super Cop () – Cast – IMDb

Arnel Acuba Ping’s Man. Other Policeman Al Melendez Father of Ping Pilar De Leon Rez Cortez Cebu Town Mayor.

He heads to the Ninoy Aquino International Airportbut knowing that the police are waiting for him there, slips out of the country aboard a ship with help from TV reporter Maya Limchauco and an associate of the NBI chief. Eric Fresnido Vitero Gang Member. Kuratong Member Cqst Escudero Angelito Gutierrez Ping’s Child. The discovery of his whereabouts triggers his wife’s stroke as Cristobal and Limchauco separately fly to the Netherlands to find him.

N 2 Pictures Philippine Film Studios.

Millenium Cinema Unit 2 Arnel M. He plays over Maya’s news show an audiotape Jago preserved for years, which names many corrupt government officials.

Full Cast & Crew

The film’s plot draws inspiration from Philippine Senator Panfilo Lacson ‘s controversial flight in as he was about to be arrested over the Dacer-Corbito murder case. Mayor de Vera Other Politician.


The movie got mostly positive reviews. Lady Mourner Jun Lincuan Alvizo as Poly Cadsawan Bon Vibar He arrives in Amsterdamwhere Isabelle Manahan, a Filipino expatriate who works with the UNshelters the senator but discourages him against contacting his loved ones back home; the family falls into despair from the backlash over his escape.

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Jun Arenas Velayo’s Man. Velayo’s Man Patrick Dela Rosa Undaunted, Alcaraz leaves his family and slips out of the Senate complex just as a police detail led by his old colleague, Director Dante Cristobal, move in to serve the warrant.

Jack Chao Annabelle Macauba Vitero Gang Member Polly Cadsawan Jun Perez Vitero Gang Member. Alvizo as Poly Cadsawan.

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