When it tries to get out of the tree, its face gets stuck. They hopped on top of a car, then hopped off The Pichu Bros then hopped into this home made hot air balloon and went for the invites. Magby fell into the water, landing on Wooper’s head. Tajiri, Satoshi Original Creator. Help improve our database by adding an ending theme here. Fortunately for them, Azumarill ran over with invitations tied to a balloon at hand. After a series of events, they find out they were invited, but their invitations were simply delivered late.

They go through a small opening in a large fence. And the nudge from Houndour’s fall made him turn around to lay on his belly. However, Teddiursa began to stop running, too tired to keep going. A half-hour long anime show, broken into five short segments, featuring the Pichu Brothers. The Rise of Darkrai! They then headed for a closing elevator and were able to escape from Houndour in there. Cubone then gets happy once again and starts beating on the barrells, leaving Meowth with a slight headache. Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Kids.

However, when they set off the fireworks, nothing happens. This Show is split into 5 Parts and you get given the parts each day after you start playing until the 5th day. Pichu big realized that the invitation they had was actually Oddish’s. A Magmar and a Weepinbell walk by, carrying the cards.

Now without Smoochum, the group continues to un after the invite as he fluttered high above a river.

Pichu Bros In Party Panic

This section, featuring the song Meowth’s Partyis different on each viewing as what Meowth does is chosen from a vast number of interactions. However, one of the Pichu was able to grab a hold of the invitations.

The whole area seemed like a huge warehouse of sorts, and they eventually found the fruit. Once it looked like it’d been hit kn one, it was seen hanging playfully from one of the pipes, then jumping off. The Pichu that had the invite was reluctant to give it back at 1st, but after a scolding from his brother, he eventually gave it back.


However, Teddiursa was able to get away and go back to the fruit. Angry, the Houndour scares the Pichu Bros and they attempt to run away. Meanwhile, Smoochum was looking for her friends when she ran into an Oddish. Back at the high tower, Meowth and the others looked on at the room. Soon after seeing them, a Ledyba flies by, also holding one of the cards. Overexcited, Cubone jumped francticly, but slipped and fell into several of the fruits. He then budges himself out, but falls off the tree in the process.

They were soon chased again, and ran down a large hill.

After a few reassuring words from Meowth, Cubone happily jumped around again and the Squirtle began to clean up the mess. He then lands on a trampoline of sorts and hits down right next to it. The three Squirtle and the Cubone kicked out the gang.

They hopped over a car and right on top of Houndour ‘s head. Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit?

The Oddish seemed extremely upset. Finally, Teddiursa also gets distracted as he notices an ice cream truck and runs straight at it.

Pichu Bros. in Party Panic

Smoochum jumps into the camera and the camera switches to Teddiursa. English themes Opening Side by Side. A big wind blew the invitation they had been searching for right into their face.

A brave Magby plays around them, dodging all of the water. The Pichu run off through the city and up a lamp post. Happy and gleeful, the group celebrated as one of the Pichus attempted to grab the balloon. Magby pixhu then seen dodging several steam bursts from pipes, and Wooper is seen diving into a body of water.

The bros smiled to each other as the looked up again, this time with the clouds looking like several fruit pieces. But as he was about to take one of the fruits, Wobbuffet suddenly pops out and scares Teddiusa away.


The episode is split into five parts. Teddiursa is stuffing its face full of Acorns inside of a hole in a tree, hiding them in its cheeks. Meowth then begins to play “Nyassu no Party”, dancing with various Pokemon and moving around and about the stage Back to Normal Animation After the lanic is done, Meowth sets up for one last aatch Before Azumarill could hand over the invitations, a wind swept the balloon waych and got it hooked on a pole hanging off a building.

It sniffed the air, smelling ice cream, and ran over to the wacth cream truck.

Pokemon: Bokutachi Pichu Brothers – Party wa Oosawagi! no Maki –

Houndour, with his mind obviously on something else, smashes into the Hydrant and is gushed out, high into the air. The scene then switches to Teddiursa as he’s trying to eat several acorns inside a tree hole high above. She fixed up her hair.

Suddenly, she then bumps into a depressed Oddish Wild Adventure, Pocket Monsters: The animation of the actual party was composed in 3D computer graphics. When they still couldn’t get it, Aipom drew something else, what looked like a clock, with Smeargle’s tail.

Pok√©mon Special 16 “Pichu Bros. In Party Panic!” –

The Houndour then chases after the Pichu Bros. Side by Side – Pichu and Pichu begins to play. The night turns to day in the city and the camera zooms in to see Pichu big and Pichu little happily playing. They finally got the invite and celebrated at their accomplishment. Cubone was able to keep playing the drums. The hydrant squirted water, sending Houndour flying off to a different part of town and onto a Snorlax.

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