Thu Jan 15, 7: Thanks for all your help and quick responses both on this forum and in private emails! Wanted to be able to move it 6 ways like PD but because they dont use the box system for bracing I would have had to have a 48″ box made then it would be pain to get guns in and out. Also, the rails aren’t that tall, so Fido could easily jump over them to get out. Either way I’m extremely happy with the way the boat turned out and dont plan on gettin rid of it! I know I have some pics lying around here somewhere. I’m attaching the few pics that I currently have to give you a better idea of what I’m running.

Well it did better than expected Guess its not the chit after all. Yea thats one extra thing I personally wanted It basically turns the gunbox into a bench, also pretty nice but doesn’t get used much. Phowler did you right and one hell of a deal. I almost always drive from a seated position, unless I’m running in some nasty stump filled backwaters.

Thu Jan 22, 2: I have a very small dent in the bottom of my hull.

PW Paul, I think your Extreme with the Mod V front will be perfect for me–best of both worlds and pphowler handle all my needs.

Fri Jan 16, 5: Never fell of going into the wind and on the big lake had some pretty good winds just not enough to make it wavy on the water.

Phowler Extreme Series – IAWaterfowlers

I dont look at the underside of my boat on a regular basis so im not sure if it was the same or it had any hooks.

I don’t want it to become too crowded, but I’d also like to be able to seat 4 people.


Put bout 30 minutes of on water run time making it 1 hour on the motor. Mike and Dean from Big Water Outdoors had their camera guy there Sunday, so hopefully he can put some video of the boat running soon, it was impressive, even to me and I built the boat!!!!

I’m on the Mississippi and can get by just fine with my GT and 35 surface drive. We always carry the runners up seriee rake, that is where they take most of the abuse.

Let us know what you think. I am not sure why this is, just know I have heard about it more then a few times with guys playing with different props on a variety of hull GT, PD, Go-Devil, Excels, etc.

Sounds like she is running good, adjust the trim tabs down serues bit. Thu Jan 22, 2: I guess I was thinking of the folding step they have for the transom: Northern hunters Okie Quacker wrote: Wed Jan 14, 6: Users browsing this forum: Northern hunters MN, I think we are talking the same type of drop deck, but not a fold down platform.

I would like to find out how much that option would cost Paul do you build phowle regularly and if so what’s the cost? I love this boat From the solid platform the Phowler Extreme provides, you can customize the hull with our standard and custom accessories, blinds, decks and OEM motors.

Gots them 2×2’s runnin’ from the transom all the way up the rake to the bow Google [Bot] and 15 guests. We have alot of our hulls running in Central MN, mostly flat front jons. We ran some demos and even took one of the little Prowler sneak boats with a 12hp Cooperhead out in foot waves, it did great, was safe and stable. All deep water me and silkpower with very limited cargo to virtually none besides 6 gals up front and battery in rear.


It’ll make you a beleiver in a hurry. Is that their factory camo? I haven’t been in too many small boats that don’t bounce at least a little in 3 footers, though. I wonder what it could be??? Here is a look at our new Phowler Big Water Series. Powered by Graphic Details Digital Media. Im not xeries you, but i kind of find deries hard to believe.

Northern hunters gauge wrote: Powered by Graphic Details Digital Media. The bigger tank is also nice because you can get more trips in without running extreem town for gas. They offer several different styles plus they custom fit it to your boat.

Can you trim up like you should?

Phowler Extreme V?

Northern hunters MN, whats your email and I’ll send pics. Sun Jan 18, 5: Our load carrying ability is unmatched, making the Phowler Extreme the perfect platform for hunting, fishing, bow fishing, or any situation where shallow water performance is a must.

Thats one purdy boat, and seriee fast one too!

I run a few miles across a nasty choppy bay all duck season.

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