Prem and Raja are twin brothers who are seperated at birth but are uniquely connected to eachother via their reflexes. Bairavaa Not Rated min Action 6. Although, Devaki is a caring mother, Arya remains distant. Not Rated min Crime, Drama. Mass Leader Action 5. Singam 3 Not Rated min Action, Thriller 6.

A single father battles injustice after his daughter is raped and the perpetrators are found not guilty. PG min Biography, Comedy, Drama. Katamarayudu min Action, Comedy 5. Copy from this list Export Report this list. When Shiva, the son of Bahubali, learns about his heritage, he begins to look for answers. Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari Stars: Mass Leader Action 5.

Maatr min Thriller 4. Jolly is a clumsy lawyer who is faced with representing the most critical court case of his career.

Not Rated min Desirulwz, Thriller. Desirulsz 2 TV min Action, Comedy 3. Guest iin London min Comedy 5. The story of eleven prostitutes who refuse to part ways with their brothel and each other during the partition between India and Pakistan. Mass Leader Action 5. An Indian queen asks her bodyguard to steal back gold taken from her by the Indian government during The Emergency period in Bhoomi Not Rated min Action, Drama 5.

IMDb user rating average 1 1.

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Baadshaho Not Rated min Action, Thriller 5. To win back her love and respect, he heads out on a journey to fight against the backward society. Kishore Kumar Pardasani Stars: Upon realizing the extent to which women are affected by their menses, a man sets out to create desirluez sanitary pad machine and to provide inexpensive sanitary pads to the women of rural India. PG min Comedy, Drama.


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A young couple in London struggle to live with their estranged aunt and uncle, who overstay their welcome. A man uses his combat skills to eradicate black money, which has been siphoned to banks abroad. Coincidence Not Rated min Mystery, Thriller 7. Badrinath Bansal from Jhansi and Vaidehi Trivedi from Kota belong to small towns but have diametrically opposite opinions on everything.

Copy from this list Export Report this list. Not Rated min Flul, Drama.

Beyond the Clouds min Drama, Family 7. Ali Abbas Zafar Stars: Commando 2 Not Rated min Action, Thriller 5.

PG min Biography, Comedy, Drama. When a group of Indian and Pakistani nurses are held hostage in Iraq by a terrorist organization, a secret agent is drawn out of hiding to rescue them. Prem and Raja are twin brothers who are seperated at birth but are uniquely connected to eachother via their reflexes.

Not Rated min Action, Drama, Thriller.

Phullu is a good for nothing so his mother gets him married thinking that he will become mature after marriage. Fukrey Returns Not Rated min Comedy 6.


Wedding Anniversary I min Drama 5.

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As their bond becomes stronger, they eventually fall in love. Noor is a journalist who juggles her work, love and personal life on a day-to-day basis. Machine min Action, Mystery, Romance 2.

Bairavaa, a gallant debt collector, takes on a violent criminal masquerading as a philanthropist in the education field. A comic-caper, that tells the story of 3 morons trying to rob a bank who pick the worst day possible when everything that can go wrong, goes wrong and how they’re inadvertently caught in the crossfire. The third film in Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar trilogy, which chronicles the exploits of a powerful political figure.

Satyendra aka Sattu Rajkummar Rao and Aarti Kriti Kharbanda meet for a proposed arranged marriage and fall in love in the process. Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari Stars: His story is juxtaposed with past events that unfolded in the Mahishmati Kingdom.

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