Kosminsky does not recognise that Jewish national life had existed thousands of years ago in the land of Israel, and that the connection is a national connection. When the Zionist movement launched its campaign to drive the British out, British troops were deployed to suppress a Jewish insurrection that threatened Britain’s route to India, its oil supplies, and its entire regional strategy. His great-grandfather was one of the bombers of the King David Hotel,in which Len is injured. A single tear runs down his face, and her own eyes also fill with tears. The family leaves home and Len drives them to the docks, where the Navy is taking people to Acre. Millions of Muslims who only share your fascist views of Jews.

Erin is dropped by taxi at Abu Dis , where Omar lives, which is near the separation wall. Len’s platoon is in Haifa, stationed between the Jewish and Arab-controlled areas, overlooked by armed Jewish irregulars. Clara protests she was only trying to show that she loved him. Erin wakes in the night and is almost shot by a sniper bullet. British people who know anything about the situation may have their minds fogged by the two sergeants. Any more than it was likely that he and a young Arab boy would have walked around the unfolding massacre at Deir Yassin, where Arabs were slaughtered by the Irgun on the eve of Israel’s creation, like a pair of sightseers visiting Pompeii. Tranter passed the letter to Kosminsky, who initially put it to one side.

At the base, the servant alerts Len that Alec Hyman, one of his men who is Jewish, is being given a “regimental bath” in retribution—he is being viciously scrubbed. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set.


Saying this is a hate filled board is merely stating a fact — you all seem to hate everyone that may have a different perspective from yourselves. Overnight ratings for The Promise were 1. Erin and Eliza visit Eliza’s grandfather. Subsequently he visits Mohammed and kosminskky extended family and has dinner. Mohammed commands Hassan to keep the house key safe, because one day they will return.

As the British begin Operation Bulldog,to flush out terrorists in Komsinsky Aviv,Len is dismayed by the brutality shown to the locals. A shower of awards is to be expected for Kosminsky.

The letter was from an old soldier. We have been watching it.

The Promise, C4; You Don’t Know Jack, Sky Atlantic, review

The mouse that roared. Inside she is led to a room where orthodox men are eating. Israeli soldiers in the Territories are universally unfeeling and brutal”; only Jews throw stones; pre-state Jewish militias are characterised as “cynical, manipulative and murderous, while the Arabs of the time are portrayed as defenceless and fearful”; in the Mandate period, only Jewish atrocities are depicted “in eipsode detail”, while contemporary Arab actions and atrocities are largely omitted, the threatened pan-Arab invasion being “dismissed as almost an irrelevance”.

Only the people here seem to think the drama was intended as fact. Sergeants Robbins and Nash, who at that point in the diary are still alive. Life continued around him as if spisode had happened.

Len gives the bunch to Mohammed, only to be told he has now put Mohammed under an obligation, and Mohammed will be duty-bound to offer him dinner. Ah, but the points dont fit your version of the truth and you have chosen to whip yourselves into fake fury over it.

I knew I couldn’t recreate those things. Erin Matthews Christian Cooke Paul condemns the checkpoints as just a way to make Palestinian life difficult, and points to a stretch of the separation barrier where there is a Palestinian village on each side of the wall, arguing that a terrorist might live in either village.


If opposing the swine who bombed Pan Am is hate, count promisse in. Jews and Iosminsky were just an irritant in a much bigger imperial conflict.

Millions of Muslims promkse only share your fascist views of Jews. Paul has his ex-comrades throw him a gun, and he shoots into the night, later justifying his actions as loyalty.

The contrast worked beautifully as a means of showing how an often-forgotten part of the British past has affected the present. The PromiseThe Observer13 February Len has been set up.

“The Promise” Episode # (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Even by your own admittedly floor level standards, this is a bizarre statement. As I watch, a remote-head camera swoops past me towards a particular soldier, Sergeant Len Matthews, its pendulous arm snaking out across the dusty sky. They are ordered to pull back, but Len orders them to hold the position to prevent Jewish mortar attack on souk.

What else can be said?

Review of Peter Kosminsky’s “The Promise”

Kosminsky depicts the blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and the hanging of two British sergeants by the underground army of the rightwing Zionists. She shows Paul a press cutting about Robbins and Nash; he remembers it, and says it was proomise broke the British will to fight.

Meanwhile Len has started giving Mohammed’s son Hassan tuition in mathematics.

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