Senator Diokno became chairman of the Senate Economic Affairs Committee, and worked for the passage of pro-Filipino legislation, including what is considered to be the most important incentive law in the country, RA , also known as the Investment Incentives Act of , which provides incentives to Filipino investors and entrepreneurs in order to place control of the Philippine economy in the hands of Filipinos. He had this tiny pair of vintage binoculars, and as he looked around, at the early morning sun rising over fog that blanketed the mountains, he did a litte dance and said, “Thank you, Lord. Diokno , who died six months before he was born. His career was dedicated to the promotion of human rights , the defense of Philippine sovereignty , and the enactment pro-Filipino economic legislation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I grieve for it but I do not despair over it. Several parts of the book are now accessible online, at The Diokno Foundation. Diokno’s investigation of Stonehill further revealed corruption within government ranks, and as Secretary of Justice, he prepared to prosecute those involved.

Diokno and Ferdinand Marcos were members of the Nacionalista Party, but when Marcos suspended the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus , Diokno resigned from the party in protest and took to the streets. Selected Writings of Jose W. Some of the battles have actually been won. Diokno’s second term as senator was cut short on September 21, , when Marcos declared martial law. Diokno was married to Carmen Icasiano, with whom he had ten 10 children: There are so many festivals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shortly after the declaration, Diokno was arrested by the dictatorship.

Indianized ancient Filipino script Indian loanwords in various Filipino languages Influence of Indian languages on Tagalog language Sanskrit language loanwords in Tagalog language Tamil language loanwords in Tagalog language Sanskrit language loanwords in Cebuano language Sampaguita Filipino national flower is named from Indian sanskrit Champaka.


Deny them and you deny man’s humanity. He was also involved in documenting cases of torture, summary execution, and disappearances under the Marcos regime. Diokno and Aquino, whom the dictatorship considered their foremost opponents, were later transferred to solitary confinement in Laur, Nueva Ecija. He was a leading figure in the formation of the Movement of Concerned Citizens for Civil Libertieswhich organized series of protest rallies which it organized from Baguio Writers Group Community Organization.

No charge was ever filed against him. Views Read Edit View history. Ancestors of Pepe Diokno In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Jerrold Tarog Film Director.

Erik Matti laments state of local film industry.

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See more of Pepe Diokno on Facebook. Photo by Geric Cruz for Above the Clouds.

The family drama tells the story of an orphaned teenage boy and his estranged grandfather embarking on a journey to overcome their grief. The theaters fiokno more willing now to play independent diikno, which is a good thing. Ineven before People Power, Diokno had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

It was at one such facility, in Davao Citythat he met two brothers that would inspire his first feature film.

Jose Diokno

Fioms some ways, the film was a return to Diokno’s roots — a low-budget, realist work of social commentary. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In addition to that, he sponsored and co-authored the Export Incentives Act of and the Revised Election Law, among many others.

InDiokno was posthumously conferred the Order of Lakandula with the rank of Supremo—the Philippines’ highest honor. When I was starting there was always this sort of war — indie versus fioms. There are different options depending on what people want, but the point is meron kang all these different ways to go, whether indie or mainstream.

Pepe Diokno (director)

In this Philippine namethe middle name or maternal family name is Wright and the surname or paternal family name is Diokno. He was so grateful to be alive; so at awe of the world’s beauty. His daughter Maris noted that “It was the only time we saw him near tears.


That it will happen, I know. In another oft-quoted speech, he once quipped:.

In a buffet, meron kang gulay, meron kang kanin. A Nation for Our Children: We were fighting for recognition. Diokno points out how much more difficult it was ppe independent filmmakers when he was just starting out, but also notes the positive changes that have transpired over the years.

Join us celebrate freedom, human rights and dignity!

Merong sweets, meat, may pizza, may chicken. Retrieved September 14, Latest Diokno film wins Berlin grant”.

Diokno was married to Carmen Icasiano, with whom he had ten 10 children: There’s a memory of PepeSmith that I will treasure forever. Following the Jabidah massacrewhere alleged 14 Muslim youths were gunned down in Corregidor by unknown armed men, Diokno called on the administration to respect its citizens, saying in an oft-quoted speech, “No cause is more worthy than the cause of human rights Retrieved March 3, You really were the King of Rock.

Thank you for your Diokno would be disappointed, however, by the Mendiola massacre of January 22,where 15 farmers staging a peaceful rally in Mendiola were gunned down by the military under Aquino. They had no warrant. Cinema One Originals Movie.

Selected Writings of Jose W. But the general sense was that we were fighting for something. It was the first and largest association of human rights attorneys ever assembled in the nation.

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