Kejadian saat mendaki kembali terjadi, runtuhan batu dan kerikil mengenai Dinda dan Ian, Dinda mengalami luka disamping kiri bagian bawah telinga, Ian pingsan karena terbentur runtuhan batu yang lumayan besar sangat keras dihadapannya. Genesis then climb back occurs, the mound of stones and gravel about my sister, my sister and Ian were left beside the bottom of the ear, Ian passed out because of the crumbling stone bumps into larger very hard in front of him. Ian akhirnya berhasil naik ke dalam kereta, walaupun kelelalah mengejar kereta yang pada saat itu belum jauh. After everything is conscious and powerful, they successfully reached the Summit of the highest peak, Mahameru in Java. Riani indeed very sad would be the decision. Their story was continued to be tied to near the end of this movie. Place the top of it in front of us, and do not release!

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Alex Dhirgantoro. You could say like ‘mIRC’ that. Sama yang sedang diobrolkan di chat Zafran. Arial yang saat itu tidak kuat lagi, dengan dorongan semangat dari teman-temannya, dia akhirnya bisa melanjutkan mendaki. Riani indeed very sad for the decision. Namun setelah 3 bulan berpisah, banyak kerinduan yang mereka rasakan.

Taruh puncak itu di depan zfran, dan jangan lepaskan! Place the top of it in front of us, and do not release! He misses his companions took-her best friend. If we climb without looking down and think of a woman who wants us to have, believed his wish would come true.

However, after 3 months of separation, many longing they feel. Suitable as Ian thorough questionnaire. It should if you want to look better, Ian can be directly through the entrance behind him.

After everything is conscious and strong, they managed to reach the top Mahameru, the highest psmeran on the island of Java. A journey that makes this young five more love Indonesia.



Indonesia Lifted from the Novel National Bestseller ‘ 5 cm ‘ by Donny DhirgantoroSynopsis Genima teen who has a friendship long enough, eventually one day their five felt “saturated” with this relationship, and finally they decided to split up for a while and promises are not interconnected and communicating with each other for 3 months. They not only five members, Arial invites her sister Dinda.

As a citizen of Indonesia, ought to be grateful for what God has given, from nature as well as its content. We need is a foot that goes further, and the hands that do moreThe neck will more often look upThe eyes will stare longer than usualA layer of determination a thousand times harder than steelA heart that will work harderAs well as the mouth that will always prayAnd every time the dreams and ideals come up, put your feet in front of us,Don’t stick, let it hang 5 cm in front of the brow,That is inseparable from our eyesAnd you can do a man against his conviction and is a dreamHe just lives by believing.

Judul Film : 5cm Sutradara : Rizal

There is a carelessness subjected one scene at the train station, while Ian pursues the train is already moving forward, he pursued the entrance that had awaited his friends, but there is an entrance at the rear of the open. Zafran has different uniqueness no doubt, he’s a poetic, and like her sister my sister named Arial. Three months have passed, Genta contacted his friend and memberitahui them, for a week, every day should be a practice run. The natural beauty of Indonesia that is second to none anywhere.

Their story was continued to be tied to near the end of this movie. Ian questionnaire about HR. The hard work of Ian had experienced the ordeal, but Ian still did not give him keep trying because parents Ian Ian has been approved for college S2 in Manchester. Humor, tingkah laku, dan percakapan yang terjadi bisa dianggap sebagai keseharian yang pernah terjadi di dunia nyata, tetapi tetap ada bagian yang memang tidak pantas terjadi di dunia nyata.


The relationship the two of them are always flat, only road links in place.

Tiga bulan lamanya telah berlalu, Genta menghubungi sahabatnya dan memberitahui zafrxn, selama seminggu, harus setiap hari latihan lari. Arial who has an athletic body, when acquaintance with another woman, always nervous. All of them have come, but Ian is still in transit.

iNdRaLiCiOuSz | Herjunot Ali, pemeran Zafran di Film 5cm.

Dalam perpisahan singkat itu, mereka menemukan “sesuatu” yang merubah mereka untuk menjalani hidup lebih baik. Assessment of the views of the film.

Always call my sister with zafran chatter it-that’s it. Mereka semua telah datang, kecuali Ian yang masih dalam perjalanan. Kereta sudah bergerak, Ian pada saat itu baru muncul.

According to my personal assessment of the film rather than xm book: They gathered at the train station for his departure to the mysterious Genta promised. Zafran always call Dinda with chatter that’s it.

Karena badan Ian gemuk, jadi sulit dikendalikan. Ian agrees, because he wanted to finish the long skripsinya she ignore.

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