Burning wood chip is probably worse than burning coal. I’ve just had a look at the rubbish that this blokes group spouts, and I can’t honestly say I’m that surprised. Even worse — storing hydrogen is tricky, to put it mildly. Find all posts by Arthur Maunsell. Page 1 of 2. However, there is some research to help us find that answer. Perhaps the forecasts for HS2 would be more realistic if the executives, senior staff and their consultants were liable to prosecution, if the forecasts proved wildly wrong, as would arise if the matter were in support of a share offering.

It is OK for tempary use like long engnnering works but not aperanat ideal. Obviously increasing bus and train use by e. That may represent a minimum disturbance duration due to overlap. I could go on Sad dreamer making full use of the Silly Season to self-publicise himself We will use , in calculations.

Instead the decision should depend on common sense.

I have noticed a lot of people in other forums praising coach travel recently and claiming that there is evidence to show that they are more environmently friendly than trains. I see from his website http: Why on earth does the Government believe this nonsense? Transport Watch notes – the railway industry may have laughed but its points of substanance are invisible.

Well,per day equates to Page 1 of 2. You are very welcome to join, take part in the discussion, and post your pictures!

For commuting into an urban area public transport is the solution for most people – exceptions aside. I fancy a good argument! Instead manufacture takes lots of energy and the gas is so volatile that it is nigh-on impossible to store. Transport Watch UK The study of British and Irish roads – their construction, numbering, history, mapping, past and future official roads proposals and general roads musings.


They would require one-thousand-seat trains or 12 per hour over 12 hours or a 1,seat train every five minutes with every seat taken, which is ludicrous.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Those who read it and believe it, need to get out more, go to the pub, make friends Can you imagine for instance nose to tail lorries carrying coal from the Humber ports to Drax?

In this note all references to HS2 are to the network out to Leeds and Manchester. Delivering a Sustainable Railway, July See here Instead the decision should depend on common sense. Well, that’s watcj ramblings over with! Heaven knows the environmental impact of disposing of all those lithium-ion batteries.

This approach values the noise impacts by estimating the number of years of life lost or spent with a disability, to get the number of QALYs lost, and uses established values for each QALY lost to arrive at the total monetised noise impact. Snow Hell – it may only have three platforms, but even the announcer withrinyton peed off at the improbable number of delays and cancellations. Where would the freight go? I have to admit I eventually lost patience here Peter.

The forecasts for HS1 were three times too high. That may represent a minimum disturbance duration due to overlap. Laughable or not, the diagram below, from Cm I saw this and wondered if anybody would be interested. Incidentally the battery of the hyped Tesla weighs half a tonne. A maximum transpot be 5 minutes, allowing two for the over-flight and three to refocus, but only if there were fewer ATMs.

Presumably Prescott and his advisors had no idea what the diagram implied.

Close the railways

Send a private message to Ringoosmeg. The section on how the railway is big enough to be converted into roads suitable for full sized lorries and coaches Could be worse though. I urge you to read it all Objectors to HS2, a vastly expensive project certain to make losses for the nation in the tens of billions of pounds. However, whatever the transformation may be, it can only be derived from generated trips, since the transformation from existing trips is clearly already with us. Delivering a Sustainable Railway, Julywhen Ruth Kelly was the Sec of State, illustrates the paaul effect that transferring a few handfuls of people from car to watcn transport could have on carbon emissions.


The idea witrhington congestion can be solved by transferring a significant proportion of passenger journeys transoort car to public transport is unsustainable, see the first diagram below. In principle we multiply the Air Traffic Movements ATMs by a disturbance time, the value of time and by the number of people disturbed.

We will usein calculations. I’ve just had a look wihrington the rubbish that this blokes group spouts, and I can’t honestly say I’m that surprised. Last edited by Ringoosmeg; 17th July at The Mott MacDonald report [1]. The Tosh that is being written is tantermount to madness, I cannot believe that he believes his own ramblings! It’s all very centered on the transport needs of the South East isn’t it? I nearly cancelled my subscription! How on earth can that be transformational?

Transport Watch UK – SABRE

Find all posts by Arthur Maunsell. This scheme is a huge loss-maker for the nation. Or was that just a northern thing?

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