Share this Rating Title: In determining an IM index for the figure in the Patterson film, Meldrum concludes the figure has “an IM index somewhere between 80 and 90, intermediate between humans and African apes. The Bigfoot researchers say that no human can walk that way in the film. Was this review helpful to you? Daegling has asserted that the creature’s odd walk could be replicated: He learned this only after having sent Dennis Jenson fruitlessly to Thailand where he concluded that the airman was “mentally unbalanced” and then, after receiving a second untrue letter from the man, going himself to Thailand with Jenson. In these conditions a normal human being could not duplicate the observed pattern, which would suggest that the Sasquatch must possess a very different locomotor system to that of man.

His most controversial statements are these: Retrieved June 20, Daegling wrote, “All of the problems with the timeline disappear if the film is shot a few days or hours beforehand. Krantz describes Donskoy’s conclusion as being that the film depicts “a very massive animal that is definitely not a human being”. Bigfoot and Yeti Movies. Another thing, when you put on the gorilla head, you can only turn your head maybe a quarter of the way.

The film generated a fair amount of national publicity. Grieve concluded that “the gilin of fakery is ruled out if the speed of the film was 16 or 18 frames per second. From Bigfooy, the free encyclopedia. To obtain money to travel to Thailand”Patterson called Ron, who had returned to ANE, and sold the company the theatrical rights to the clip for what Olson described as a pretty good sum of money. His familiarity with the area and its residents from prior visits may also have been a factor.

At either 5 [71] or 5: Gimlin mostly avoided publicly discussing the subject from at least the early s until about except for three appearances[7] when he began giving interviews and appearing at Bigfoot atabilized.

He argues the film depicts a non-human animal, not a man in a fur suit. Patterson got his second roll of film from his saddlebag and gjmlin the tracks.

The storyline called for Patterson, his Stabilkzed guide Gimlin in a wigand the cowboys to recall in flashbacks the stories of Fred Beck of the Ape Canyon incident and others as they tracked the beast on horseback. Like Us On Facebook. Grieve of the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine studied a copy of the film inand wrote a detailed analysis.


Primarily, Krantz’s argument is based on a detailed analysis of the figure’s stride, center of gravityand biomechanics. He made a deal with the BBCallowing the use of his footage in a docudrama made in return for letting him tour with their docudrama, into which he melded material from his own documentary and additional material he gimoin Al DeAtley filmed.

Search for ” Patterson-Gimlin Film ” on Amazon. About Us Relatively Interesting promotes science, reason, critical thinking, and the magic of reality. The Sasquatch and Yeti in Myth and Reality. A ten-foot strip from that reel, or from a copy of that reel, from which still images were taken by Gimljn Murphy, still exists, but it too has gone missing.

Donskoy concluded the creature was non-human on the basis of its weight, and especially its gait, which Donskoy judged would be difficult, if not impossible, for a human to replicate. Krantz pointed out the tremendous width of the creature’s shoulders, which after deducting 1″ for hair he estimated at Davis to counter the effect of camera shake has improved viewers’ ability stabiluzed analyze it.

Shortly after glancing over its shoulder on film, the creature disappeared behind a grove of trees for 14 seconds, then reappeared in the film’s final 15 seconds after Patterson moved ten feet to a better vantage point, fading into the trees again and being lost to view at a distance of feet as the reel of film ran out.

Polygraph tests regarding their claims have been passed by both Heironimus [] and Patterson. Another thing, when you put on the gorilla head, you can only turn your head maybe a quarter of the way.

Full Cast and Crew. Critics claim that too much happened between the filming at 1: The book has been characterized as “little more than a collection of newspaper clippings laced together with Patterson’s circus-poster style prose”.

The combination of these proportions with stabilizec exceptional breadth dimensions argue[s] compellingly against the simplistic hypothesis of an average man, even one wearing shoulder pads Next, Gimlin and Patterson rounded up Patterson’s horses, which had run off in the opposite direction, downstream, before the filming began. Jessica Rose and James Gamble are authors of “the definitive text on human gait”, [] Human Walking.


He notes that a tall human is consistent with the figure’s height but also notes that for a tall human “[t]he shoulder breadth however would be difficult to achieve without giving an unnatural appearance to the arm swing and shoulder contours.

Bigfoot video: Stabilised Patterson footage blows mystery wide open | Daily Star

The date was October 20,according to the filmmakers, although some critics believe it was shot earlier. This ratio can be expressed as an intermembral index IM. Harry has hunted big game all of his life. A computerized visual analysis of the video conducted by Cliff Crook, who once devoted rooms to sasquatch memorabilia in his home in Bothell, Washington, [] and Chris Murphy, a Canadian Bigfoot buff from Vancouver, British Columbia, was released in January and exposed an object which appeared to be the suit’s zip-fastener.

Through it he solicited funds.

Patterson–Gimlin film

Patterson initially estimated its height at six and one-half to seven feet, [44] and later raised his estimate to about seven and one-half feet. The whereabouts of the original is unknown, although there are several speculations as to what happened to it.

In [17] he returned and met a timber-cruiser named Pat Staiblized, who drove him to Laird [18] Meadows. At sometime between 1: Grover Krantz wrote, “Patterson clearly told John Green that he found, after the filming, that the camera was set on 18 frames per second fps.

Click the image to see gimljn Patterson Bigfoot Film stabilized.

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He has to twist his entire upper body. Archived from the original on October 17, Whatever money filtered down to Roger Patterson wasn’t near enough. Retrieved October 16,

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