I almost fell asleep. Philippe-Bruneau 19 October Full Cast and Crew. The scenes may be embarrassing, but at least Gross can’t be accused of playing it safe. It was formulaic and a little flat all in all, the love story was a little too predominant and the dialogue was awfully stagy. I had really high hopes for this movie. He started telling me about a hideous event that happened during a skirmish in a little ruined town in World War I. German Gunner Landon Liboiron

John McCrae’s famous poem and a riderless horse in the background. But that is nothing compared to the tour de force: Passchendaelle explores the proud moments in our countries young history, and it explores some of the not so cherished moments. The Americans didn’t win the battle, didn’t even turn up anywhere I hope somebody makes a fitting tribute to the Canadian dead of WW1 soon, because this is defiantly not it. We see his noble side:

The characters are rich, and their veridical treatment informs the film throughout. The romance is wonderful and sad but uplifting, reminding us as it does, that love is much more than sex but that sex between two people who have experienced much together and love each other is beautiful. The film was publicly announced at a news conference at the Museum of the Regiments on November 13, Besides being an admitted movie passchendaele, I’m also a retired professional soldier and a combat veteran who’s served in multiple theaters of conflict.

Goofs When Sarah enters her house just before Michael is leaving for France, all the windows are broken.

Also, in the name of national security, Canadians born in this country were forced to leave their homes because their ancestors were German. Views Read Edit View history.

The lighting and cinematography are sensitive and creative. I could not relate to them because I did not know the horrors they suffered and because our history was so “dry”. This film was easily one of the best that I’ve seen in quite some time. At this point, a terrible misunderstanding occurred. I even bought the book, when I saw critkque on sale at Costco, movei then I began to suspect the worst with pxsschendaele huge grade 2 sized typeset that could be read in passchendael hours, and that nobody had dared claim credit for writing the book.


Besides, since the evil English major already had his eye on the good sergeant, don’t you think he would have known? A difficult and heart-rending story yes, but certainly a story that can stand on its own. Passchendaele stands as an extremely impressive testimonial to his obvious talents.

A war movie that can’t make up its mind whether war is bad or something one can be proud of. Passcendaele enlists using his mother last name to protect David and they are sent to the no man’s land in the front of the Battle of Passchendaele.

Our hero is not only a man of integrity and tough, but he is super strong!

By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. The plot is so unbelievable that it ruins what should have been a realistic account of one of the saddest and most tragic periods in history.

The Americans didn’t win the battle, didn’t even turn up anywhere The effects are superb. Undoubtedly there will be cynics who will decry some moments as contrived or melodramatic, but these are the small-minded who have missed the real emotion of this film.

Passchendaelle are too real.

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But in general, “Passchendaele” is an above average movie. World War One films I have seen. Passchendaele is part unabashed romance and part horrific and quite graphic war story. Paul Gross as Michael Dunne. Men with Brooms He has to have a flaw. But it is mvie with the stoicism of people who know it is their job to try to find meaning within an insane situation.


Don’t get me wrong, i love a good love story The Notebook!


It was formulaic and a little flat all in all, the love story was a little too predominant and the dialogue was awfully stagy. A spectacular and satisfying character driven story. Great Canadian actor, great Canadian story, great moment in Canadian history It is directed with such passion and fine detail that sweeps you in and then theres the intenes battle sences that are second to none since Saving Private ryan!!

It’s a film every Canadian should see. A bold, passionate, well-crafted and patriotic piece of Canadain film. The marker has been altered to remove the “5” of and changed to Gross Goes to War since the director is front and center of this film.

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For those movif for character development, some romance, an interesting perspective on recruitment pressure, and yes — AMAZING battle scenes — then yes, this movie is for you. I’ve seen some excellent Canadian movies, but this is not one of them. I accept that movies need to entertain and so can tolerate that reality often needs to go by the wayside, but passchendaelw was way too far off the mark.

Yes you may you seen it before but it the key players that keeps this from being just other pearl harbour!

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