They all stay together like one big extended family. Geopolitics, limits puts by nuclear-deterrence, makes it difficult for India to isolate Pakistan diplomatically On the ground, SC ruling on Section 66A is frequently violated Subscriber holds the remote, and the keys In Good Faith: What makes you draw such characters? They decide that they will do the costumes themselves. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Only fans residing in India are eligible for gifts. Winners will be selected on the basis of their creativity in their writing.

Through the night everybody as a team works and they get all the clothes done. Backstage there is a lot of commotion. Notify me of new comments via email. Shahabuddin Rathod is a well known and highly reputed Gujarati humorist and performing comedian artist. An entire family can sit together and enjoy the show. He says that he is going to find a partner for her. Various items are happening on stage. I look half hrithik and half shahrukh.

Despite his Islamic background and faith, he has a highly admirable knowledge of Sanskrit language and Hinduism. The mood was completely nostalgic on the sets and he felt he had been blessed again.

As his plans fail people advice him to end the evil within his heart. Vinay says that he will not become her partner as he is a pathethic dancer and he will look out for a perfect partner papxd her. Help Vinaychand Rathod find a bride Contest. Episoed experience and appreciation that I got from my work has inspired me to brighte Hetal tells Kokila that she needs to buy a lot of things and all the lists are ready.


30th June Papad Pol 3rd Epsiode Part-1 – video dailymotion

Vipul Ppapad proposed to me the idea of bringing out my talent on the small screen, I was more than willing to work for a greater source of approaching my audience. He starts preparing plans to kill Krishna Biji. But, he was strong and like Krishna he broke the handi and came down.

It also makes me proud to realize that I play a character from my own imagination for a movie inspired from my stories and work. Their rival team Jayshree and Mayuri give a stellar performance on Nimbuda Nimbuda…both teams are waiting for the results with bated breath.

Kokila goes in with the bags and Vinay says he will join her in a while. SAB is not responsible for participant not being able understand the Contest mechanics or for his interpretation of the same.

Be as much creative you can in your writing. They all stay together like one big extended family. The women are angry with the men and have decided to showcase women power. Paapad was born and raised in a Gujarati Muslim family.

Papad Pol 30th March 11 pt-1

In every house there is excitement about the chit which they have picked. Jayashree plays dirty and cons Mitesh out the Pol saying that his mom has met with an accident. Vinay and Kokila go and give the list to the dresswala and Jayashree bribes him and says that no clothes should reach Papad Pol.

Various items are happening on stage. Are they inspired from real life? We also reserve the right not to publish comments that are abusive, obscene, inflammatory, derogatory or defamatory. I have written Vanechand No Varghodo which won many appreciations. But now all feel that he is rehearsing.


Sharma aur Anna ke sang!

I am all set to make my fans and the audiences have a blast His timely jokes have always surprised his audience and his co-actors too.

Contest Ends on Friday.

SAB TV along with Vipulji thought I would be able to justify the role and would blend my talent with the writer’s imagination perfectly well.

Kanta says that Jayantilal will never participate in such events. An entire family can sit together and enjoy the show. He has been working as a school principal. Vinay meets Mitesh, a paying guest staying in the Pol.

Notify me of new comments via email. Just follow 2 simple steps: The characters on the show are inspired from the people we meet in our day to day life, the audience will instantly connect and relate to each of the characters. All your work consists of characters that are simple and innocent.

Ami Trivedi – The ChariZma Redefined!!: Gajra Episode of Papad Pol 🙂

My elder brother as always been an active participant in Dahi handi competitions. Batuk is trying to get his voice back. I look half hrithik and half shahrukh. You have always tried to convey a social message behind your humor, how do you plan to do it through your new show?

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