What kind of furniture does he want? We sell toilet articles in our hotel store. The month before May is. How do you know about where to go or who to ask if you have problems? Describing Location – Grammar Focus 2: Sugito is an architect.

A picture of world map inform me that around awardee is in Indonesia and the rest abroad. TO BE 16 3. Insert a clip art or down load a picture from the internet and write down a thanking note to your friend who gave you a cute white T-shirt. Just hold the side handles tightly and you will be safe. Before end up my journey and have a lunch I watch universities presentation. May I know why? He has three cute cats at home.

Where do they come from? Agus Sudiyanto Ukuran Buku: We live in Indonesia. Activity 11 Read the passage below. Would you mind helping me for a minute, please? Activity 22 Work in a group of three. It is August the seventeenth nineteen forty-five.

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This kite is made of paper. My sister and I am, is, are frightened when walking in the darkness 5. Do you have the receipt with No, I don’t have …. They are broken chairs. A compact disc is circular.


Glad to hear that. May I borrow it, please?. Horseplay, running, and throwing objects in the workplace are good work habits and can cause accidents. He wants dark brown — cheap — wooden — old furniture. It can be understood from this example.

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May is more polite and formal than can. What does she look like? Listen to me, you did it accidentally. The car was very dirty foour rusty, but its engine was not so bad and worked well enough. I was on a train the other day, traveling from Jakarta to Surabaya.

What do you think the two people are doing? Take turns to ofur and answer the questions. What formula should I use for number 3?

What does he look like? OK, I have seen your application. The second month of the year is. It is a red circle. Do you accept payment by credit card?

What do you do? What date is it today?

You say good bye to Rima and wish that you will see her again soon. She is a programmer. What shapes is the earth? Just fine, thanks, and how about you? Is the television big or small? Glad to meet you, too.


When was she born?

The work is too boring, heavy, repetitive, and even too dangerous for the worker. These are the other common verbs which are followed by adjectives: The fried rice taste, tastes very good when it is hot. Do they know each other? As you already guess, after presentation, of pendidikn question and answer session.

Is she very good at English? He likes inggris acquainted with other people. Have you met the other members? Do you know what to do? Baska, this is a friend of mine.

What time is it now? Activity 6 Answer the questions based on the dialogue above. They have just got married for about three months. The model Could you tidy the rug in the living room?

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