Refresh and try again. Last but not least, persevere. The book is incredibly strong military sci-fi. Another change accompanied the shift to Baen. This decision leads to an odyssey of adventures that takes Jason Wander from the pits of despair to the heights of victory. An OK example of military scifi. The field promotions start coming fast for everyone. Buettner currently lives in Georgia.

El tufillo a chovinismo yanki es perenne. In the same way, a new publisher, and so new editing and supporting perspectives, were also liberating. The fix is simple. Jason wakes up in the middle of the night, thinks he sees some shadows moving, realizes he does, and realizes the slugs, nearly invisible, are in the caves, and are suffocating soldiers as they sleep! There’s a fine line between accurately depicting military life and fetishizing it, and while the first half of Orphanage felt to me like the latter, Buettner dives straight into “War Is Hell” territory in the second half. Buettner is the son of a tanker. The deeper the series went, the more I had to fill in gaps with experiences gleaned from autobiographical and biographical materials about generals from Lee and Wellington to Eisenhower, Rommel, Schwarzkopf, and Powell.

Meantime, Orphanage became a critical and commercial hit. Is there any of that kind of stuff in it? Baen, which is publishing the new series, is very much an independent.

Orphanage (Jason Wander, book 1) by Robert Buettner

Begin again from there. Goodreads author page Amazon. They follow his coming of age and growth from misfit soldier to maverick general during orphabage decades-long interstellar war. Find a mutual critique group of people who know what they are talking about, take your lumps, and learn from their mistakes and yours.

I am not sure about that. Published November 1st by Aspect first published Buettner obviously was a Heinlein fan, he even mentions him in the acknowledgements. Wikipedia entry on Robert Buettner: Jul 19, Pavel Tsinberg rated it liked it.



All five books in the Jason Wander series are told in the first-person viewpoint and distinctive voice of the protagonist, Jason Wander. A two-book is pretty common for first novels. Dru Jasper, Book 2 Sorcerers are disappearing off the streets.

If you need a quick book to read on the beach or an airplane though, it will keep you busy during that time. When supernatural evil stalks the noir streets of New York, private detective Jazzy St.

This is a book that borrows heavily from all the great buddy war movies, as well as Starship Troopers and The Forever War, and freely acknowledges its debts. Please help by adding reliable sources. Actually, the Czechs define it as a new sub-sub-cross genre, military science romantic fantasy.

On top of that, I had a lot of trouble with the science. FREE with author newsletter. There are obvious parallels between the Jason Wander series and Robert A.

The orpahnage problem I had with the character was how he was just handed everything by luck and by the intervention of powerful others who seemed to have recognized “strengths” in him that the reader never rophanage. As of June,the book was in its sixth printing. When earth needs heroes, who will we call to valour When flares streaking across the sky herald massive destruction, who will defend us When mankind’s enemy is beyond our worst imagination, we will need champions.

Robert Buettner

A writing day bares my creative cupboard. Particularly, the third book, “Balance Point” was a Bookscan national bestseller when released in trade paperback in April Beyond that, of course, Undercurrents, the sequel to Overkill, is set for release July 5,and there will be a third book in that series.

However, Hollywood is notably longer on dreams than on reality, so Orphanage the Movie remains light years away. The ending is also pretty well done. Chemists would poison the very air. The descriptions of military life were fantastic. Still, four solid stars and definitely recommended. Goes a bit flat in the second half.


A lot of other reviews compare this to ‘Starship Troopers’ which is on the to-read shelf. I will pick up the next in the series and see how it goes. But the news popped out in the Hollywood press last October.

Orphanage is one great book. I could go on with details, but suffice it to say that the troops keep getting whittled down as they face tens of thousands, maybe even more, of the slugs who march straight at them and the human soldiers just take horrible casualties.

Jason Wander series book 3. Book one in a Military SF series. Jan 12, Lis Carey rated it liked it Shelves: All of us in it are, I think, flattered to share it with a landmark like Avatar. He and Howard and Metzger come up with a plan to kill with master slug and end the war. Considering that you also wrote the afterword to the robsrt edition of The Green Hills Of Earth and The Menace From Earth, would you say that Heinlein had a major influence on your work?

But there is a big gap in buetttner point of view not convincible is between training and immediate call to go the moon. To ask other readers questions about Orphanageplease sign up.

Jason starts off on a self-destructive streak that leads to being expelled from school, through foster homes and finally to an appointment with a no-nonsense judge.

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