Suuraawwan Kabaja Irreechaa bara kanaa keessaa. Friends were not told the reason for the arrests nor where the detainees were taken. Adaduma baayinni ummata gara horaa dhufu dabaluun mormiin haala duraanii caale cime. It appeared as if the federal forces employed all forms of inhumane torture tactics, leaving parts of his body severely damaged and disjointed. Barataan kun maqaan isaa Daawwit Waaqjira jedhama. Oromo farmers will be dispossessed of their land and their survival both economic and cultural terms will be threatened. Bara bofti nama nyaate lootuun nama kajeelti!!

Because the government denied access to any independent journalists it is hard to know exactly how many have been killed and how many have been detained and beaten. Katamaafi jaalli isaatis seenaan isaanii tarree gootota bilisummaai kabajaa saba isaanitif kufanii cinatti galmaaya. The Ethiopian Government does not have any justification for the illegality of the protests for taking such brutal action against peaceful and unarmed students and other protestors. Further, the Government fails to protect children from abuse in the family and from harmful traditional practices such as FGM. Peace on the surface. Bosonaa Dheeressaa-qopheessaafi gulaala oduu afaan Oromoo.

The following are suggested: Qeerroo Bilisummaa strongly demands that the Ethiopian regime drop all charges against these Oromo nationals and tens of thousands others and release them immediately and unconditionally. Arbitrary arrests and false Imprisonment of anyone criticizing the government is routine as is the use of torture on those incarcerated. Guutummaan mormii waan tureef kallattiin dabarsu oomo dandeenye.

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Poolisoonni jidduu ummataa dhaabde hidhannoo hin qaban. In many cases the arrests took place after the protesters had dra,a. Dargaggoon tulamaa akkanaan gaachanaa qabachuufi catee kaawwachuun gootummaa Oromoo agarsiisuu ayyanneefachaa jiru.


Asfawuu Lissaanaa fi 2. Ahjeb Shek Mohamed, Mr.

The Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, articles 29 and 30 also grant these democratic rights to the Ethiopian citizens without distinction[2]. HRLHA is aimed at defending fundamental human rights including freedoms of thought, expression, movement and organization.

Bosonaa Dheeressaa-qopheessaafi gulaala oduu afaan Oromoo. Diraamaa Amaasiloo K28 by waqo 11 months ago. They were demonstrating about plans to extend the administrative control of the capital, Addis Ababa, into Oromia state. Goodayyaa suuraaHirmaattota Irreecha Keeniyaa magaalaa Naayiroobii, kan bara Irreecha namoota 6 irraa hanga miiliyoona 6tti Irreecha Arfaasaa Awustiraaliyaatti Irreecha biyyoota addunyaa gara garaa keessatti Irreecha Hora Arsadee bara kanaas kan adda taasisan taateewwan hedduutu jiru.

Continuous assaults, tortures, and killings of innocent civilians must be stopped.

Victims include politicians, students, singers and civil servants, sometimes only for wearing Oromo traditional dress, or for holding influential positions within the community, the London-based advocacy group said in a report today. Kurnasoo Abdulmaalik Yuunis jedhama.

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Akkuma arganneen isin beeksisna. Tens of thousands have been jailed and an unknown number have been abducted and disappeared. This is downright tragic. Isa fuldura keenyaa jiru Ayyaana Irreecha kan hora Finfinneetilleen nuun haa gahu!!!

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Sababni dhaanicha kana fakkaatu irra gaheef; innii fi hiriyoonnisaa hojjettoota turan. He told me that as my pancreas has been removed, there is less likely to recover from any future wounds even if I am not even sure whether I am going to fully recover and survive the present injury. Figure 1 below shows the number of Oromos killed from different zones of Oromia included in this report.


Akka aadaa teennaa gaara gubbaa baanee teenna jedhe harmi dubartootaa. Waaqeffannaa Amantii Oromoothe traditional faith system of the Oromo people, is one version of the monotheistic African Traditional Religion ATRwhere the followers of this faith system do believe in only one Supreme Being.

A young girl said she had hot coals poured on her stomach while she was detained in a military camp because her father was suspected of supporting the OLF. Barsiisota Oromoo nagaa hidhaman keessa gariin: His throat was slit leaving only the muscles and bones at the back of his neck connecting his head to the rest of the body.

Every Friday One Jok. Olaansaa Waaqumaa-qopheessaa qophii barnootaa 4. Unless otherwise noted in the report, these violations occur without distinction based on the ethnic group of the child. The great risk attached to aid is that you give national administrations more freedom to spend their money on what they think is important.

When they lose their land, the farmers will become day laborers or beggars.

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