All content is copyrighted but exclusively owned by individual authors. I was an only child. The stage is very productive. The film village might still be looking bushy, but we call it a city by faith. We had that training, that classical training on stage. Buhari defeats Atiku in polling unit with wide margin Tireni Adebayo February 23,

Then, I also discovered that he had other kids, grown ups. My last interview with a national daily became the source of my problem. Because I was coming from the stage background, I was asked to shoot a gun in the movie and I used my mouth to make the sound of a gunshot. Buhari defeats Atiku in polling unit with wide margin Tireni Adebayo February 23, Currently you have JavaScript disabled. You could feel the vibe and energy.

Just like the secular actors we were talking about, if you tell me that my featuring secular actors is wrong, how do you know they are secular actors, how do you know their names? I was eventually taught the rudiments.

If a movie is good, it is good. Buhari defeats Atiku in polling unit with wide margin Tireni Adebayo February 23, Would you say the mixture was a mere marketing strategy to reach film to a larger audience as well? I trained my fellow students who have become popular in the industry today even as an undergraduate in the university.

Why I use secular actors in my movies –Oreofe Williams

Born-again sisters tie their heads with scarfs. The combination of Awo and Jesu is controversial indeed. In terms of message or professionalism, you mean? Even general overseers of churches do not limit gospel to the church. Everybody is doing something and everybody is oreoef big and great.


As a gospel filmmaker, his colleagues had expected him to use born again Christians in his movies but Oreofe said that would not likely happen anytime soon.

That was when I started writing scripts. In fact, I am filns at present. Prophet Hosea married a prostitute.

Oreofe Williams grants his first media interview! – Kemi Filani News

Oreofe Williams grants his first media interview! I have been in drama since I was very young.

Your email address will not be published. It is really affecting the industry. In this no holds barred interview with Yami Bamgboye, he explores the intricacies of being limited and tagged a Christian film maker, the challenges of growing up after loosing his mum at a very tender age and his rise to stardom.

Your email address will not be published. For instance, we announced our YouTube channel yesterday and before I knew it, I saw unprecedented views. If you see OOU lecturers just salute them because they are really working.

People watched the movie and fell in love with it. I do movies that can stand the test of time. I am of the opinion that if you know yourself, then blow your trumpet, else they will turn it to a whistle. Oguntuase noted that it is very rude as a child of God and as a ofeofe trained African child to talk to a father that way.

Actor, producer, Oreofe Williams: ‘I hate being tagged a Christian filmmaker’

These are issues we ought to work on. Maybe that is why it looks as if I have done a number of short films. He reitrated that comparing gospel film with Nollywood films has reduced the film to a mere competitive saliva.


Do enjoy the rest of it. Oguntuase also revealed that gospel films in Nigeria is improving with great increase in new ideas, equipment, creativity, very good technical hands along side actorsemphasizing that it can be said that Gospel films is better than it used to be, and there is still room for improvement though.

By Anonymous Wrapped in a dirty white towel, the man stood by the broken north facing window and gave a passing look over the foggy I have never regretted my decision leaving a lecturing job. Since the days of yore, the evolvement and ascendancy of modernity cannot be quantified neither can it be over-emphasized.

If any of my friends tells me his mother is around, I would just envy that person. So, when you are in a film village, and you have your equipment, your editor, you can wake up in the morning and say this is what you want to do because you have all you need. Oguntuase further stressed that the post of Mike Bamiloye is to encourage gospel filmmakers and not to create rivalry in anyway. I just want the two to come to agreement that in whatever they say there people who look up to them as role model and should be careful what the tell the general public Ademalt adeyinkaeadeolu73 gmail.

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